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    Default The Cannith Crafting Helper

    Confused and amazed at the new Cannith Crafting?

    Look no further than for all your crafting needs.

    Quick search, item and crafting type filtering!

    Everything you need to get the best out of Cannith Crafting in House K.
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    Monster manual listing is here! => DDO Monster Manual

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    Thumbs up

    Link in the OP doesn't work, luckily the one in the signature does.

    Anyways, good work! Now you only need to map the levels/ingredients and we won't need anything else.

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    Default acount suspended

    as in title.
    loved your program, can you reanimate it back to life?

    thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikbozelie View Post
    as in title.
    loved your program, can you reanimate it back to life?

    thanks in advance
    I never used the OP's site, hope he can get it back. In the mean time you can check out jjflanigan's Cannith Crafting planner.
    Cannith: Lysaer (assassin); Arithon (assassin, too); DrShortLove on the Wand (he's short, he's a cleric, he has a wand and he's not afraid to use it); Mindok the Mind Menace (he's short, he's dead, fear his finger); Naruvek (pewpewpew artificer); Rathain (monk, that is all); Rauven (pewpewpew mechanic); Saruvek (mutt)

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