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You must realize how much of an oxymoron PvP is to DnD.
No, DnD started out in its early beginnings as a game called "Chainmail." It was a strategy miniatures war game between 2 to 10 players.

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Correct, people have deep rooted connections to their charactesr because they took all that time to level , equip, and grow their characters. And on that unlucky roll of 1 and you just failed your save and you died, you are crushed as all that work is gone.
Please don't confuse player killing with player vs. player game mechanics. D&D has always used characters of nearly equivalent statistics in its battles and it rarely mattered which player (DM or otherwise) was controlling what. Duels between players were fully allowed and "PvP" in RPG tournements was extremely common. Above all, player interaction was always the most important ingredient to the telling of the story.

Please don't pervert the memory of a mostly-dead art form with your MMO-like contortions of the genre.