a new feature came with u10:
You can´t recall out of sub once you left sub-central.
Only death is the way out..
Sadly sub central resets also ..

My story ..
Running to hox, one died on the way when we noticed we were at redname(befor3 beholders) . I tried to recall - not working.. Or better to say it ported me back in central, which had resetted in some way (portal open, enemys respawn) - ported me to the beholder+mindfayer area

So death out and reenter .. and every single enemy had respawned. Not only those 2 skells at door, but at the next portal(which was closed again) and all the way. Even the beholder + ice dudes before next door respawned .. and of course the mentioned beholder+mindflayerdude. But that portal was at least active.
From there on all was as we left it.

(of course the rest of raid stayed in sub)