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    Default Cannith Crafting

    Was playing around with crafting and stripped a pair of gloves that have a large augment slot on it.

    My intention was to put them on my rogue but my crafter is my cleric. I wanted to know the minimum level of putting +7 disable shard on it and thinking that I could just decon it again, so I checked it, ML 5, strip again. WHAT???? The gloves are now bound to my cleric

    Please, I implore the turbine gods....make it so that when you strip a crafted item, it also would remove the bound to character part of it as well. I'm not advocating being able to strip bound to character from items and gear from raids, etc, but the only the ones that were crafted by mistake.
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    There's already a few threads with plenty of player support for this feature.

    As for figuring out the level, since u10 there's yellow text on what the level increase will be on every shard.
    (and the formula hasn't changed, it is +1 lv 1, +2 lv 3, +3 lv 5, etc.)

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