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    (I didn't read all the posts)

    Extend Spell is for battle cleric not casting-focused, either damage or healing.
    For caster, i'd rather take mental toughness and eventually improved mental toughness instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creaturz View Post
    If a cleric is swinging a weapon, then a cleric is in argo range of fresh pulls and a cleric is not paying close attention to others situations. Of course, im sure if it's a relaxing little raid, unique things can be done to entertain.
    You do realize that it's possible to do more than one thing at a time, right?

    Swinging a sword, and watching HP bars isn't rocket surgery. And unless it's Horoth or Sulu, I'm quite content drawing aggro myself.

    Heck, running Shroud, I do three things at once: heal (sometimes solo), melee, and keep DP stacked up.

    If that sounds impossible to you, I'd suggest learning how to play the game better.

    Quote Originally Posted by aerendhil View Post
    Extend Spell is for battle cleric not casting-focused, either damage or healing.
    For caster, i'd rather take mental toughness and eventually improved mental toughness instead.
    Extend? I agree. I don't even have it on my melee FvS, although I sometimes wish I did.

    MT and IMT? Waste of feats. There are so many better things you could be getting than a tiny smattering of SP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samho View Post
    If a cleric throw a BB for a group of trash then he also need to mass cure, then either he's doing it wrong or the group just don't understand how to work with the blade barrier.
    I'd say the opposite: if the melees aren't taking hits the group is doing it wrong.

    If the cleric is throwing BBs instead of Cometfalls, the only way the group is going to avoid all take damage is if he starts kiting things around.

    One cleric soloing the quest by kiting trash around with BBs while 5 melees stand there and watch (or chase the trash around) is "doing it wrong" when the group could complete much faster if the 5 melees were doing something useful (read: killing things).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Junts View Post
    I'd strongly urge the dropping of int and cha to 8 to support a 14 str: a 14 str cleric can melee acceptably up until level 10-12 with a decent weapon, and its a huge advantage to a new player to be able to do that.

    a single extra turn undead or the like is hardly worth it, and as a human they already have 2 skill points/lv for jump+concentration.

    At low levels, a cleric with ok full plate, a shield, and any kind of decent weapon can solo nearly anything between their acceptable melee ability and self-healing. That won't last, but it will get them through the ranges where grouping is by far most frustrating if they have problems, and they probably will - without access to consumable healing (ie wands), its very hard to heal other people, and if they join groups that expect them to they will be very frustrated in the harbor.

    On the other hand, with a +3 full plate, a +3 heavy shield, and a +1 flaming weapon, they could probably solo waterworks on normal at level 4.
    I totally agree with this comment.

    - Lot of people claim that mental toughness is a waste, it's not in the low levels. Remember that feats can be changed.

    - Toughness and it's enhancement are a must have.

    - Extend is a waste at any level, it's only usefull in the 1-10 range when you are grouped with people that will rush the content within 15mn.

    - Empower healing is nice at any level, it turns CLW or CMW into powerfull spells. At level 3 you can heal over 50 with an empowered cure moderate (level 3 spell).

    - Advices about wand/scroll curing are irrelvant, a newplayer cannot afford that before level 10-11. I advice to Carry raise dead scrolls (around 8) and some heal scroll (around 11). Raise dead scrolls allow you to load a more usefull level 5 spell. Obviously the higher level you are the more you can heal with wands.

    - Note also that wands are casted at a prescribed level, and do not beneficit from life magic. So a cure moderate charge from a wand is doing very small healing. Empower healing and wand expertise probably do affect them.
    Radiant servant is a much better way to patch heal with 0 mana than wands.

    - CC spells like greater command will drain your mana very quickly at 9, and since even in elite mob die in a second it's not efficient, especially with no spell penetration. It may be important post 12 or 14.
    Soundburst is a much better CC spell, simply because it cost much less, moreover spell casters seems more vulnerable to it than to command.

    - Element resistance and protection from element are very important and can cut the damage received by almost 100%.

    - Recitation prayer should be kept for boss fights.

    - Mana is the most important ressource, especially if you solo. Always rest with a power item in hand, then buf and swtch.

    - If you look at efficiency nothing come close to a blade barrier, using empower on it is a bad idea if you kill the "army" while the barrier is up. As example at 11 in the sand tombs almost anything dies after 4 BB hits. So i advice to ajust your usage of empower. 25 mana is a lot if you consider than 40 mana means 200-300 hps.

    - Symbols can be very efficient, but using them in group is difficult. If you solo their impact may be really good. They cost low mana and are highly proactive.

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