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    Default How much perform is needed for?

    the bases in Von6?

    I'm planning on taking my cha dump stat bard in there soon (am used to taking a high cha bard).

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    My bards base perform is 18, with buffs/gear/modifiiers/etc i can get it up to 40, which seems to be plenty to do the bases.

    What the recommended value is i do not know, as no one has ever told me when i ask, when i tell them what i have the response has been "good enough"
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    The recommended Perform for Epic, at least on Sarlona, is said to be 55-60.

    The most important thing is having everyone take off their bloody guards and watch their glancing blows. Also important is having a good puller, and the melees giving you room to fascinate everything before coming onto the base.

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    I was asked this question the other day while playing my bard, and my response was over 40.

    Max ranks is 23 + 15 item + 4 for GH gives 42 without any Cha bonus or stacking skill bonus items.

    The compendium says fascinate, Has a save DC of your perform skill plus the roll of a twenty-sided die, so you should be able to get away with less if you don't roll 1's.

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    My bard has 45 perform and I seem to fascinate everything at each base just fine. It's really hard to tell if I miss one or if someone just smacked it. I run epic von at least once a week and I think I miss every 10 bases, maaaaaaybe two if I'm really unlucky. And that's without a skill boost and a +13 perform item (stormsinger cloak woohoo).

    If you think your perform's too low grab a +15 item, skill boost if you have it, etc.

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