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    Question WF Bard : Splash 2 rog. or fighter?

    Hey all,

    My 36 pt WF bard is currently lvl 14, with 280 HP & 800 sp. (Here :
    I love it so far : extremely self sufficient, can heal decently, 30 UMD atm & good DPS (strong songs due to WC2 help).

    The only thing I find myself missing is some attack speed. I do not want to splash more than 2 levels.

    Therefore, choices include : 2 fighter levels, 2 rogue levels, ... ideas?

    Note : I am a THF Bard.

    Both get me haste boost, with on the one hand more HP with fighter VS more skill points with rogue (but I already have all the skills I really want trained...) & evasion.

    Bard experts, what do you think? I want & need your opinion ! Is it worth splashing or am I going to make a mistake? I probably won't be TRing again this toon so I would rather not make mistakes.

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    Haste boost from either of fighter/rogue level is very good addition to bursting DPS for bard.
    My bard is 16/2/2 warchanter, and she uses it during the boss fight along with dmg boost from human versatility.

    It's fun to have, but with the only 2 ftr/rog level, you can use it only for 5 times per shrine, and it's only for 15% boost.
    Is it really worth giving up benefit of being pure bard? Personally I wouldn't take either of ftr/rog level just to get haste boost.

    But its end up with matter of personal preference I think.
    Fighter level provides extra feats(Quickdrawing Stunning bard anyone? ), Rogue level provides 1d6+3 SA as well as evasion.
    Along with haste boost and other enhancement, do you prefer them over what pure class grants you? It's your call, sir

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I'd go Fighter, myself. And I actually did, with the bard that is in my sig. I asked myself the same question, and Evasion turned out to be the big question. Unless you have the gear for it, Evasion won't do that much for you with that base Dex of 8. But if you can get that reflex save in the range of +30 and higher, then the Evasion starts to get much more attractive.
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