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    Default Pure mechanic or 6 ranger?


    I'm currently levelling my pure rogue mechanic repeater user (nearly level 12) (Using the revisiting paths: Master mechanic build as a human ) Lots of people have said a splash to DWS can be beneficial, however, I find the capstone very tempting, Anyone have any good advice?

    On the one hand, ranger saves me a feat on rapid shot and provides me limited access to ranger spells and gives me sniper shot.

    On the other hand, the capstone gives me a further bonus to my trapskills from int (though I'm not exactly falling short or anything), extra damage from int and the additional sneak attack dice (I'm already doing absolutely ridiculous damage when something else has aggro) and obviously further levels in rogue gives me further bonuses to damaging abilities and trap abilities (again, not sure if I even need these further bonuses, I'm spotting even level traps without even wearing goggles currently).

    Do repeaters really crit hard enough to make sniper shot any sort of improvement over 4d6 sneak attack damage?

    (Could anybody tell me, as I've read some conflicting details, if sniper shot is a short term buff or just a single shot, and what the duration or cooldown is on this?)

    One additional question, that's not really related to the topic: Are traps worth making? I've made basically the lowst tier ones so far and they've been ****, are they ever viable? Should I just offload my trap parts onto some sucker who's makiong a flavour build?

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    don't splash for dws...

    it's a terrible pre and your losing your capstone.
    If splashing for melee capability, then I might say otherwise. on a pure rogue using repeaters, I worry about your melee.

    as for your more specific questions, I don't know.
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    Repeater rogue damage isn't ridiculous unless you manage to line up several mobs in a row. Try an assassin if you like the damage and you'll see the difference. My main is a lev 20 repeater rogue - they're a lot of fun, but the DPS leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, a DWS splash isn't going to do you much good - most fighting in DDO is up close. You can get sneak attack whilst out of melee range for mobs as it is, and that's all you really need. It would be nice to kill stuff at a long distance, but it's slow if you're the only one hitting them.

    As for traps, I have yet to encounter anyone who's actually used them as anything other than a joke. Noisemakers are useful if you want to take up sneaking through quests, and that's about it. Of course, it could just be the difficulty in getting the soul-stones you'll need, but even then a DWS / Repeater rogue will still do more damage shooting things than they will taking the time to drop traps or lob grenades.

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    See the Deepwood Mechanic builds in my sig for some examples. For me, adding DWS isn't just about the increased SA range; it's also about adding a bunch of feats so I can have TWF as well (and even bows w/Manyshot), as well as lvl 1 rgr spells & a couple of FEs. Essentially I sacrificed SA DPS from staying pure for extra versatility.
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    A Rgr6/Mechanic, would lose a lot of SA damage, but might be a more fun build actually.

    One issue I am having with a Mechanic build is the lack of feats. Specifically, I need so many ranged feats to be good at ranged. But also, there is a HHHUUUGGEEE difference in Rogue melee DPS without the TWF feats.

    So....tough call IMO.

    But if in doubt, stay pure Rogue. More Turbine proof that way.
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    6 ranger will give you 2 favored enemies, TWF/ITWF, rapid shot, and a few other minor perks.

    you'll do more raw damage with a pure mechanic, but you'll have more versatility (including the ability to pick up and use TWF to some extent, provided you have a weapon that uses dex to attack since you won't have room for weapon finesse *and* the full TWF line unless you're human). if you were to go something like rogue 13/ranger 6/ (monk or fighter) 1, you could even pick up power attack on a human.

    this would give you much better options in terms of fighting style. i'm not sure how worthwhile that is to you (personally, my mechanic uses pure ranged combat), but if you think you're likely to ever appreciate being able to switch to melee, it's not a bad idea.

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    Ya respec into assassin 3, twf khopeshs for better results.
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