Hello! I am here to inform some of some PvP rules! (Listen up your power word stun NOOBS)

The challenger must be within 4 levels of his opponent, only challenges with people of levels under that can be made with someone more then 4 levels under you who have challenged you, you may not challenge them.

Double Teaming:
Double teaming is genrally not accepted unless the two challengers added up level is within the level range of the opponent (see Level) such as level 9 + level 8 can attack a level 13,14,15,16,17,18,19, or 20.

Please casters, dont use these,

Power Word Stun
Finger Of Death
Ottos Irresistable Dance
Wizard Past Life Ability
Eladers Electric Surge
Niacs Biting Cold

Ledge Hopping:
ummmmmm... no

Trip and Stun:
These are perfectly legal, how else will people get those hoppy casters?

Bard songs:
Of course, I mean, what else do bards really have?

Manyshot and Slaying Arrows:
Slaying Arrows: Yes
Manyshot: No

Well, that pretty much covers everything :P