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    Question Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character

    Now that the season is almost (one episode remaining as of this post) done I was curious to find out what characters viewers/readers identify with the most.

    For those of us that have read all four books this may prove more difficult to answer, so to simplify things name your favorite character or characters from Game of Thrones only. That should help.

    Also, if you have the time tell why.

    For me it would be Arya. She's like the daughter I never had.

    Next would be Samwell Tarley. That scene where he is getting all excited asking Jon Snow about past loves had me rolling. You can't beat Sam.

    Okay, your turns....

    And as always, thanks.

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    No problem for me to choose. I've liked Jon from the beginning and still do. Arya runs a close second. Tyrion took awhile to grow on me, but he is a favorite too. I hated Dany for two full books, but now I can't wait to see what happens with her next.
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    My top ten, in order of preference.

    1. Arya

    2. Tyrion
    3. Syrio
    4. Jon
    5. Jaime
    6. Ned
    7. Sam
    8. Sir Barristan
    9. Danirys
    10. Bronn

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    Arya and Jon for sure. I also like Ned and the Imp.

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    Tyrion is the total standout character in ASoI&F, hands down.

    Tyrion is a pretty cool guy, eh bangs chicks and smart asses people, and doesn't afraid of anything!

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    1) Tyrion
    2) Jon
    3) Jamie
    4) Dany
    5) Khal Drogo
    6) The Hound

    The rest fall somewhere below this. My perspective is from the books only, sadly I disco'd HBO over a year ago for cost savings.
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    Default Favorite

    Lord Stark is at the top of my list, because he clearly was the most noble and honorable of all of them. sad..
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