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    Default The commen glitch in MYDDO

    Heya everyone.

    I have some major problems with myddo, as many others I assume. I know I will not get any help from
    DDO, I have already tried but they wont even bother to answer. I guess at this moment it's not their
    highest priority.

    Anyways.. I will try to solve this on my own and need some feedback from you guys.

    Here's the background...

    This particular character is named Chubaka, dont have this problem with any other toons. Chubaka was
    my first barbarian, rolled him a long time ago and I also made many misstakes and he stayed at lvl 7 since
    I gave up on him. When halforc race released I decided to reroll him, delete and use the same name. I capped
    him fairly quick and been working on epic gear for a long time. When pepole try to myddo him it shows
    my old warforge gimp lvl 7 barbarian instead of my halforc capped barbarian.

    I prio myddo high. If I join selective pugs they may use myddo on unfamiliar players, this counts me out since
    they are not able to search on my character.

    I will TR Chubaka in the future when im done with my current tr project. What do you guys think, will this help
    my issue with myddo? Will I be able to search on my character once he's tr'ed ?

    If this dosent work I can consider a name change, would that help me if tr'ing wouldn't ?

    Any other suggestions ?

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    Hello and welcome to DDO
    You arent accepted in groups cause you guild and you didnt get youre tod rings and youre bbn isnt human/dorf/wf

    Jokes aside, turbine didnt show any bigger consideration about my ddo or about changing naming ( so that key would be name and lastname....).
    For exampe mine bard is "1st" life 34 point build
    Think if you would change name, you would lose awsome name that you have and that you would be still gimpy lvl 7 bbn.

    As for tring part go ahead and tr so i can get youre rings

    WF rules !
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    Turbine does not have anything resembleing a solution to this. The ticket I posted on my ranger gave me a response a long the lines: "Sorry for the inconvenience, but we don't know enough about the database to correct the error, and if you don't reply to this message we will continue to ignore the issue and consider the problem solved".
    In my case the link is to an old pressumably deleted character from a different guild, and for the record TR'ing does not solve the issue.
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