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    Exclamation Online Table Top D&D (Modified)

    I am trying to get a few people in a Skype call tonight or tomorrow night so that I can show my Girlfriend what Table Top is like. (She plays DDO.) If anyone would like to come in and play a 2-3 night adventure with us, please do.

    My Skype name is JoneTanami, When you send the contact request, send it saying what class you want to play as, what gender (Its part of what I modify stats-wise.), and what race. I'll fix you up a character sheet for play, I'll put two-three hours before we start into fixing these and discussing what you want.

    I cant give any info on what type of venture its going to be because I want to keep it as fun as I can, but I do have one worked out.

    If it helps in deciding what class you want to be ,If you want to join in, we will all start at level 8 (I know, you don't like it, but the girl will have more fun if she has more spells at first.) and my girlfriend is going to be (I think) a Female Drow Wizard with more assist spells then attack and defense.

    For encounters I am going to use monsters from a chart I found online, and after we get a "Feel" for what everyone likes, I'll drop the chart and go with what I feel like.

    Alright, if you have read this far you're interested or to bored to leave. So here is what I will tell you, for this adventure I will most likely want a rogue to make it more interesting and enjoyable for her.

    Once again, My Skype name is JoneTanami and when you send the contact request I will need:

    1. What class you want to be.
    2. What race you want to be.
    3. What gender you want your character to be.
    4. What your character's name is going to be (Not needed, but it will save time. And you can even toss in some info about how he/she looks.)

    Thanks guys. Look forward to playing tonight.

    If you need any more information, just post a reply and ask away!

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    While I'm not interested in playing in the game, I do have a weekly PnP game and a friend form out of state started playing with us a month ago using Skype. Thus far it's worked out really well. This week we're setting up a secondary camera so that he can see both the table (for combat) and a moveable camera so that he can see us (plus this camera can be connected to a smartphone so he can actually control it out of state to see what he wants to).

    The eventual plan is to somehow connect it to a little R2-D2 robot and find a way he can remotely control both, but that's a ways down the line.

    Either way, I wish you great luck in your game!!
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    I think you'd have more fun using than Skype though.

    You get an actual virtual tabletop you can put maps and miniatures (pictures) on and online dice-rolling with character sheets.

    That would let players create their own characters. It's more fun to me to roll my own stats.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    You can also try

    Great tools for PnP online.
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    The only thing stat-wise I'mn going to set up ahead of time is what Items to give players access to at the start. the rest will be me and the players setting up the acctualt Charicter itself. I just need to know who is going to have what.

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