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    Quote Originally Posted by hermespan View Post
    yea I was finishing quest to get to elite so I could farm the optional...
    *nod* Sorry about that -- I totally missed that part of your post even though you very plainly stated that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermespan View Post
    Tried diefic vengeance scrolls. This may work on normal or casual but definitely not on hard. Got sick of doing hard for the reduced drop rate of the eardweller so I went ahead and beat the quest on hard with just npcs. On hard I needed an additional paladin npc. Tried it with just one and a favored soul but he didn't stay stunned enough to beat him down. I buffed them up with GH because they couldn't hit the boss. That solved it. So far that's all that seems to work solo for me. I must've tried 50 diefic vengeance scrolls and they had no effect on him outside of a little damage. I got a pm to try using a mummy. Might try that when I need to use the forge. Got an eardweller today on 7th elite try :-). Used web, cloudkill, acid cloud, and ice storm on chest, then opened it.
    screenshot for the "screenshot or it didn't happen" crowd.
    First of all, grats on ur pull.
    Ya know, i don't really care one way or another, but if ur going to post an ss about soling the quest, perhaps you should make sure that the part of the xp report card that shows kills, deaths, etc, etc is visible, with regards to player's names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsEricka View Post
    I stopped reading after this. If you need pots to complete Dreaming Dark as an arcane or divine caster then you're doing it wrong. ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post
    We should make our feedback as honest as possible so that when it is absolutely ignored by Turbine we will get bonus points on the scoreboard of life.

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