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Thread: New Neverwinter

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    I think 4th might lend itself well to games. Then again I never tried daggerdale, so what do I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysmetria View Post
    I hope it has those Permanant World settings. The player made PW servers with 50 people or less online at once and small playerbases were by far the most fun I ever had in any online RPG.

    On top of the imaginitive player-created worlds, the DMs there could appear as NPCs to send you on or further the storyline of your quests, spawn as many of any type of monster they wanted along the way, and reward you with whatever item they wanted at the end. There were at times multiple new and unique DM events for my characters and their groups daily, and when I was DM I was sure to return the favor.
    Yes!! i had a lot of fun doing this.

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    We don't need to have three threads in Off-Topic here about this subject, so we'll close this thread and direct folks here to continue the conversation. Thanks!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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