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    Just a rough idea:

    Drow Improved Spell resistance I: +2 to Drow Spell Resistance

    Tier II: Additional +2 against orange or higher mobs

    Tier III: Additional +2 against red or higher mobs

    Tier IV: Additional +2 against purple mobs

    Tier V: Additional +2 against red or higher mobs with Epic Ward

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    Quote Originally Posted by danotmano1998 View Post
    Exactly my thoughts.. (Though nowhere close in numbers.) Or here's another twist in that vein of thinking...

    SR as fortification?

    Past a certain point SR could function like fortification thereby reducing spell critical chances?
    How the heck I end up with a German forum text?

    In the meantime, I really like this idea. It would be nice to see something useful out of selecting Drow.

    I don't think -20 hp is a game breaker. What's 700 vs 720 end game for a fighter; one magic missile?

    It would be nice to get SR into the 40s or 50s like CR for my monk's stun fist. Then I may go back to drow/monk instead of helf/monk.

    SR to reduce crit spells would be
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