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Thread: Ranger gear

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    Question Ranger gear

    I'm a lvl 6 AA and I was wondering whats the best gear I can find. Also keep in mind I need stuff that will give me wisdom and spell points (of Power, of Wizardry). Thank you in advance.

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    If you try to collect a gearset for level 6, by the time you pull a small portion of it you'll have already leveled to 7 and so on.

    your best bet is to look at the end rewards lists for Shan-To-Kor and Tangleroot. There are quite a few things that can be handy at your level and hopefully for a few more.

    The one must-have item that you can get at level 6 is a Silver Longbow, +2 Holy, Naturally Keen, and d10 for damage die. It drops from a level 9 quest, so your best shot may be on the auction house or at the House Deneith broker.
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    Are you asking what your lvl 20 alt should farm for you or what you should get for yourself? These are two hugely
    different questions.

    If it's the latter Glenalth is absolutely right you will outlevel gear before you manage to pull it.

    If the former it's a big difference and there is a couple of easy things to recommend
    a Silver longbow (the named item), a pair of sun blades, pair of muckdooms, +4 mithral breastplate (or rr +5),
    Crimson gemstone (tangleroot reward bta), charged gauntlets, envenomed cloak, helm of frost (for abishai set
    bonus), blademaster's bracer's (tangleroot reward bta), ff boots, time-sensing goggles
    for haste clickie, wisdom neckie, false life belt. That would be my set up mostly off the top of my head.

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    also those googles from tangle root forgot what they are called but they have a death ward clickie on them. Also a carnifex from deleras is also nice a lot of rangers and other 2wf actually use that or another 2handed weapon till they reach level 11 or so and get g2wf.

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