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    Default If your characters had limit breaks like final fantasy, what would they be?

    Torriin, Paladin 20 - Calls upon his deity to smite boss.
    Nagasnake, Bard 20 - Song of Death. His Virtuoso singing is that good that monsters end their lives because the song made life irrelevant.
    Tyrogan, Ranger 16 - Critical Manyshot. 6 sec. All shots are crits.
    Goldenac, AC tank Ftr18/rog2 - WF Juggernaut. 20 sec. Inherent 10 resists. DoubleHaste, 10% chance for 200 dmg.
    Olmanjenkins, heal amp Monk 20 - Regeneration Aura. 1 min. 15-20 HP/2sec.
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    My recently TR'd 15/3/2 healing amp paladin - Rope a Dope: Cowers until the enemy bores itself to death.

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    I'd want Omnislash on all my melees. 'Nuff said.

    Oh, and maybe Esper form on my casters. Or at least some bad-ass summons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTakenaka View Post
    Torriin, Paladin 20 - Calls upon his deity to smite boss.
    Nagasnake, Bard 20 - Song of Death. His Virtuoso singing is that good that monsters end their lives because the song made life irrelevant.
    Tyrogan, Ranger 16 - Critical Manyshot. 6 sec. All shots are crits.
    Goldenac, AC tank Ftr18/rog2 - WF Juggernaut. 20 sec. Inherent 10 resists. DoubleHaste, 10% chance for 200 dmg.
    Olmanjenkins, heal amp Monk 20 - Regeneration Aura. 1 min. 15-20 HP/2sec.
    If DDO characters had limit breaks like final fantasy, I'd probably quit playing as every single quest would take a couple of hours as we sit back and watch the animations involved in every single fight...

    On the other hand. It would be nice to see Velah popping out of the sky to breath fiery death to your enemies after you've 'captured' her through the VON series...

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    Assuming it works closer to Kingdom Hearts Days where you go below a certain level of HP, activate it and still just attack, I think the following would work. Bearing in mind, this is just for fun, so balance will be ignored.

    Fighter - Hall of Swords: The Fighter gains a 500% attack speed and run speed increase and rapidly auto-attacks with a special animation. He moves so fast that after images of his weapon(s) trail behind him, giving the illusion that there are many swords. Ends with Ultimate Cleave which hits everything around the Fighter 10 times.

    Barbarian - Destructive Rage: The Barbarian goes into a supreme rage, gaining +50 to Strength and Constitution, but completely losing his AC. (Pfft, like that matters.) In this state, he can run up to enemies, and every one of his attacks doubles as a stunning blow, sending shockwaves that can also stun and harm other enemies. At the end, he smashes an enemy into the ground, insta-killing it unless it's a boss.

    Paladin - Guiding Light: The Paladin prays, a blinding light inhabiting his weapon(s), his shield (if he has one equipped) becoming blessed with radiance. His attacks now deal an additional 9d8 Light Damage, and his shield (if he has one equipped) grants him a gigantic bonus to intimidate, and 50% damage reduction regardless of shield mastery or not. Furthermore, he gains a radiant aura equivalent to that of a similarly levelled Radiant Servant. At the end, he glows with the holy symbol of his faith (or if, for some reason, he doesn't have one, there is no symbol) and causes massive light damage around him.

    Monk of Light - Nirvana's Light: The Monk who follows the path of light can briefly attain Nirvana, allowing him to be at an ultimate peace. His attacks now have a 100% chance to hit, and he has a 100% chance to dodge all attacks and spells. At the end, he uses all of his ki to send a blast of light energy (hadoken style) straight forward, harming all enemies in its path - the damage of it is directly linked to how much ki he has.

    Monk of Darkness - Forbidden Style: The Monk who follows the path of dominance can tap into a forbidden martial arts style. All of his attacks will cause a powerful Damage over Time on enemies (as in, 5d10 + 20 every half second for 10 seconds, stacks with itself) that will cause them to make a small explosion when they die. At the end, he is capable of turning one enemy into a landmine that will explode with enough force to cause massive harm to other enemies.

    Sorcerer - Awakening: The Sorcerer, whether through his draconic blood or magic, is able to awaken his powers, transforming into a dragon. This granted him +50 to his Charisma, and he is able to cast spells without interruption. In addition, the cooldowns for ALL of his spells are halved, with instant-death spell cooldowns being reduced to a quarter of what they were before. Furthermore, he gains the ability to breathe elemental energy at his enemies, dealing massive damage. At the end, he launches a Massive Fireball, dealing AoE damage on a massive scale.

    Sorcerer (Elemental Savant) - Elemental: The Elemental Savant calls upon the entire source of his power, turning into an elemental. In this state, he gains +50 to Charisma, and completely loses access to the opposite element for the duration of the form. However, all of his current elemental spells become completely uncapped, and his spell level increases double. Furthermore, his cooldowns are completely removed for his element spells, and he regenerates SP at a steady amount. At the end, he causes a massive explosion of his element, and reverts to normal.

    (I wonder how many people wish they had the last one? Oh, a LOT. Maybe Turbine will eventually add the forms in at a later date, like how they added the Zombie and Vampire forms to Pale Master. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the same issue with Druids is why they didn't add the forms.)

    Wizard - Twin Casting: The Wizard taps into arcane lore, giving himself the knowledge to cast two spells at once. Furthermore, the cooldowns for all of his spells are reduced by 50%, and he regenerates SP at a fast rate. The DC for all of his spells increases by 50. At the end, he casts all of the spells in his spellbook at once, with positive spell effects affecting all allies at once. (Archmage notes: Archmages gain an additional reduction to the cooldown of spells, and are automatically casting their Spell Like Abilities at whatever they are targetting)

    Wizard (Pale Master) - Wrath of the Undead: The Pale Master taps into the deepest, darkest necromantic forces, increasing his necromantic DC by 100. His negative energy spells now deal triple damage and stat damage. His cooldown for his necromancy spells are completely diminished. At the end, he performs "Wail of the Reaper", an ensured insta-death spell for all enemies within hearing distance.

    Cleric - Divine Radiance: The Cleric, praying to the gods passionately, is granted a powerful aura that heals allies and harms enemies. (Radiant Servant notes: If the Cleric is also a Radiant Servant, an additional Radiant Aura will be activated at the same time for no Turn Undead cost) All undead that touch the aura, except for bosses, are immediately disintegrated as if they had been obliterated by a Turn Undead spell. The Cleric gains a divine bonus to his weapon, allowing him to deal 9d9 untyped damage with each attack. At the end, the Cleric explodes the aura, dealing damage to all enemies (Radiant Servant notes: a Positive Energy burst also occurs at the same time at no cost) and fully healing all allies and removing their negative status effects completely. Damage and healing ratio is 2 to 1.

    Favored Soul ... I have no idea.

    Rogue - Tricky: The Rogue taps into his power as an overall trickster. In this mode, he can avoid all attacks and damage, and can leave decoys of himself behind, dropping his aggro onto said decoy and enabling him to deal sneak attack damage to the unfortunate sap. (Thief Acrobat notes: All attacks also count as stunning blows, and your jumping ability now exceeds the cap, set at 100 as long as you are wielding a quarterstaff) Ends with the Rogue throwing a bunch of marbles around that'll continuously trip enemies.

    Rogue (Assassin) - Cloak of the Assassin: The Assassin finds a cloak out of nowhere that allows him to be perfectly stealthed while still moving at full speed. In this mode, he is capable of performing double-damage on sneak attacks to all enemies, and his attacks contain every poison at once, including some poisons that he doesn't have access to. Ends with the Assassin throwing a pouch of poisonous dust on the ground, creating a cloud of poison that rapidly decreases enemy stats to the point of helplessness.

    Rogue (Mechanic) - Upgrade: The Mechanic, on the spot, upgrades his Repeating Crossbow into a Machine Crossbow, allowing him to fire a continuous stream of bolts. Furthermore, he upgrades his goggles, allowing him to hit 100% of the time, and enabling him to Sneak Attack from as far as he pleases. Ends with throwing a grenade that causes 50d6 damage.

    Ranger (Tempest and Melee) - Flexible Blades: The Ranger taps into his natural agility to continuously deal additional attacks no matter what he's doing. When he's running forward, he will automatically attack, though clicking the attack button will cause additional attacks. When he's tumbling, he will attack like a saw blade. when he's jumping, he will thrust his weapons down. At the end, he turns into a whirl of death, spinning around and cutting into enemies. (Tempest notes: you create a tornado with this last attack and draw enemies in, causing additional harm)

    Ranger (Arcane Archer and Ranged) - Greater Manyshot: the Ranger goes all out with his bow and arrows, firing TEN arrows with each attack. At the end, he fires arrows into the air, with said arrows landing all around him in an AoE effect. (Arcane Archer notes: All of his arrows contain all possible imbues at once, including each tier.)

    Bard - Singing Wonder: The Bard begins to sing a wondrous song that no one has ever heard before, not even himself. The song boost all allies' stats and adds 9d9 sonic damage to their attacks. He ends it with a powerful voice, causing everyone's health to start regenerating rapidly. (Virtuoso notes: The song also enthralls enemies, re-enthralling them should the enthrall break, and the healing effect is doubled and last twice as long)

    Bard (Warchanter) - Skald's Fury: The Bard begins a powerful chant, raising everyone's attack and damage 50, and lowering enemy AC by 50. The Bard's own attacks gain 15d6 sonic damage, and everyone else gains 9d6 sonic damage. At the end, the Bard proceeds to activate a special Warchanter Rage, equivalent to the rage of a Barbarian, but still allowing him to sing songs and cast spells - this rage extends to others in the party as well, if they are close enough to the Warchanter when he finishes.

    Bard (Spellsinger) - Magical Wonder: The Bard begins to sing a song of magic, tripling the magic damage of all casters in the room, and adding 9d9 Arcane damage to all melee attacks. Furthermore, the Bard temporarily gains a standardized Sorcerer spellbook, complete with its own temporary hotbars, allowing him to cast spells as if he was a sorcerer for that limited time. At the end, he finalizes the song with a tune that refills everyone's SP to max as well as restoring clickies and songs.

    Kobold - Kobold Still Hates You: The kobold says "Kobold never forget! Kobold still hates you!" and all enemies die.

    Broccoli - Eat Your Greens: The Broccoli sacrifices himself, killing all enemies in the game and restoring all characters to full health and Sp, as well as giving everyone enough XP to get to level 20, and a Greater Heart of Wood +20 at that. Oh, and he also kills lag, removes Dungeon Alert, gives everyone Greensteel weapons and armor and the resources necessary to craft them into what they want.
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