I'm revisiting this after...amazingly...researching kobolds. So, a few notes leading in:

1) The wisdom bonus was stupid.
2) For flavor, these aren't "paragon" kobolds. These are the sewer kobolds we love.

And, so, playable. Kobold. Race. Final version.


Base Stats

Str: 6
Dex: 10
Con: 6
Int: 8
Wis: 8
Cha: 10

Kobolds are a common reptilian race in Eberron claiming draconic descent. Most kobolds of note fall into the services of dragons or fiends, but some city-dwelling kobolds have turned their innate paranoia into an advantage in the defense of their homes, seeking peace with and respect from other civilized races.

Racial Trait Feats

Kobolds are treated as small creatures, and as such gain +2 to hide and move silently checks, and a natural +1 to armor class, attack, and dodge. However, they have only 3/4 the carrying capacity of a standard creature of comparable strength.

Kobold Scales: A kobold's skin affords it some minor protection in the form of DR 1/piercing.

Kobold Natural Weapons: All unarmed melee attacks by a kobold are considered to be slashing-type damage rather than bludgeon, dealing 1d4 base damage with a 19-20x2 critical range and multiplier. A kobold monk retains the slashing damage and critical profile while scaling the damage dice. Kobolds, however, cannot take the vorpal strikes epic feat.

Weapon Proficiencies: All throwing weapons and light repeating crossbows.

Kobold Resistance: Kobolds eat anything without ill effects, and accordingly have immunity to natural diseases and poisons. Magical and supernatural diseases and poisons are not affected by this feat.

Kobold Agility: Kobolds gain an inherent +4 bonus to jump and tumble.

Sewer Life: Kobolds have a stacking 5 resistance to acid, and a +4 to swim.

Kobold Paranoia: Kobolds gain +2 to Spot, Listen, and Search checks, and +2 to Saves vs. Traps.

Kobold Trapmaking: A kobold with the trapmaking feat receives a +2 to Disable Device checks and has a higher chance of scavenging parts from disabled traps than other races.

Kobold Hatred: Kobold always hate you. Consequently, most other living, intelligent creatures hate kobolds. All kobolds generate 10% more hate and have a +2 to Intimidate checks, a -2 to Haggle, and a -4 to Diplomacy.

Kobold Confidence: Through raw self-assurance, kobolds gain an inherent +2 to UMD checks. Kobold will make the shiny work.

Kobold Goblinoid Hatred: Kobolds hate goblinoids like mice hate cats. They receive a bonus +1 to hit and damage against any goblinoid creature.

Racial Automatic Feats

Kobold Gourmet (granted at level 10): Kobolds who have enjoyed a wide variety of...food...are heartier than their companions, gaining a +8 bonus to saves against all diseases and poisons, and no longer failing automatically on a roll of 1.

Racial Selectable Feats

Advanced Kobold Trapmaking (requires Trapmaking and character level 12): Kobolds love of traps prevents Disable Device checks from automatically failing on a roll of 1.

Kobold Charm: Removes the effects of Kobold Hatred, including the +2 to intimidate.

Racial Enhancements

Scent Fighting: A kobold fights by smell as well as sight, and ignores up to 5/7/10% of displacement or blur

Kobold Natural Weapon Damage: A Kobold gains +1/2 to damage when using any natural weapons. This applies to wildshaped kobold druids as well.

Kobold Natural Weapon Attack: A Kobold gains +1/2 to attack when using any natural weapons. This applies to wildshaped kobold druids as well.

Thickened Scales: Adds +2/3/4 to the DR/Piercing natural to kobolds, for a total of DR/(3/4/5).

Kobold Advanced Paranoia: Adds +2/3/4 to Spot, Listen, and Search, and +2/3/4 to saves against traps, while granting -2/3/4 to diplomacy and haggle. Grants active stance: Panic.

*** Panic: When in panic stance, the kobold is immune to sneak attacks and critical hits, has a small chance of becoming raged for 10 seconds when attacked, a small chance of being paralyzed from fear for 5 seconds when attacked, and -15 to concentration.

Kobold Enhanced Traps: Grenades, mines, and other traps receive +1/2/3 to their DCs.

Racial PrE

Rogue Mechanic, obviously.