I am posting this because the other thread will, sadly, no longer be watched by the person who started it, and they invited anyone to pick up where they left off.

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On a sadder note, I pretty much quit the game about 2 months ago. So... if anyone wants to copy/paste or otherwise take over the proving grounds for me, then have at it! I don't expect to be back anytime soon, if at all.
so without further ado, i give you all... The Ruthless Order of Guile, Utility, and Extermination, a cross-server guild in which rogues of all types are welcome. The purpose of this guild is to develop a "proving grounds" for the shadowy arts. That is, criteria to help test the boundaries of what we, as rogues, can accomplish.

The proving grounds are split into 4 main categories: Skulduggery, Marks, Trapsmithing and Thuggery. Note that conditions, ranks, and even the feats themselves may change based on community preference, additional data, changes and updates to the game, and/or my whim.

I am soliciting suggestions for feats and conditions for these categories. Note, any feat should be confirmable by screenshot. The appropriate combat log may be necessary in some cases. Also, I'm OK with some feats requiring a certain path (Assassin, Acrobat, Mechanic), as one can always respec to perform the feat and switch back as necessary. It may even promote trying different paths.

The term "Solo" implies No-Reentry, No Hirelings, No tag-alongs for buffs, heals, etc. No outside help of ANY kind (House P Favor/Guild Airship buffs excluded).

MEMBERSHIP RULES: In order to become a member of the guild, you must POST HERE (or PM me) with A) A feat you have accomplished on your rogue with accompanying screenshot (it DOES NOT have to be any of the listed feats, just something you thought was neato) and B) your rogue's name, race, build type and home server. Build type examples would be: Pure Assassin, Acrobat monk splash, Tempest Assasin, etc. I'm making this change as it was impossible to keep up with everyone's level progression.

Got proof tasks and ideas? Please please post them here!