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    I like python myself.

    I use it for test scripts and other on the fly engineering uses. For that it really is ideal.

    That said I would not use it to code anything complicated as I prefer other languages for those tasks.
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    also facebook was developed in Python afaik

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardtrick View Post
    I think you're doing it wrong.

    Python's fast enough for virtually anything except truly high-performance software (real-time stock trading, some scientific computing, cutting-edge 3D games, etc.)
    last i heard Python was close to be the de-facto language for stock trading... but i may remember wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardtrick View Post
    And if worse comes to worst, profile your application to find out what's taking up the biggest chunk of time (likely a nested loop somewhere with significant calculation or I/O in the inner loop) and rewrite just the inner loop in C. Python has great C-interop.
    this. write the heavy stuff in C and the rest in Python to optimize development time.

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    I know a Python programmer, he's an old man with lung cancer (smoker).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nospheratus View Post
    Yes they would...
    CCP's commercial success today is built on the single decision of selecting Stackless Python as our foundation.
    -- Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games.

    I'm sure I read something similar about google way back when.

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