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    Quote Originally Posted by Chette View Post
    I have been in at least one Abbot where the only people left alive at the end were not able to raise. I would certainly not want to miss out on my loot by being dead in the water on the other side of the platform.
    While thats a possible logical reason. I haven't seen it in my 50+ abbot completions. Enough of a fringe case that I wouldn't make it part of any recommended strategy. I have done many completions with just a few ppl left alive at the end, and with many in the water.. But in all cases, the players strong enough to defeat the abbot, were also smart enough to have the abiliy to raise dead.

    And personally I would rather not play with players like that. If someone is skilled enough to defeat the abbot alone, yet does not carry any ability to raise dead.. He goes on my ignore list for being lazy and inconsiderate. Far too easy to make a tier2 GS raise clicky these days... Especially considering the fact a double/triple pos GS wep is not only ultra important ot own, but also the IDEAL weapon to fight the abbot with for 99.9% of melee builds.

    Personally if I was the last one alive and knew I could kill the abbot, but had no raise dead and my party was all/mostly in the water (well all my characters do have multiples), but if.. I would allow him to kill me rather then put my party members on timer without loot, its just rude.
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    Water Walk works in both the hallway and the main platform as of 12-28-2011.

    I can provide a video my next run if people would like solid proof.

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    very well done. a must-read for new players looking to complete this raid. i wish people would put in even a fraction of effort learning the raid as you have explaining it.

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    I'm glad I found this GREAT guide!! Thank you.

    I'm finally flagged for Abbot, but I can't seem to find anyone on Orien to risk running it due to the invisible asteroids.

    REALLY wish Turbine would give this raid the attention it deserves to make it playable again.

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    Default necro'd again.

    Question, since the Enhancement pass, do Monks still get Water Walking??
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