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    Default Dilettantes and wands

    I've just made a half elf paladin. IIRC, paladins cant normally use the higher level heal wands or the resurection wands. With the FvS dilettante, I would be able to, right? (my choice was between sorcerer and FvS so i can skip the UMD skill)

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    100% Raise Dead
    95% Heal
    with third tier of AP (scroll use as a 10th lv FVS) IIRC
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    While correct, OP's question was about wands, not scrolls.

    And yes, the FvS dilly feat lets you use any divine wand so long as you meet the min. lvl requirement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillymiket View Post
    95% Heal
    Since FvS get Heal spell at lvl 12 and FvS Dilettante feat allows you to be considered as lvl 10 FvS for the purpose of using wands and scrolls, I think it's 90%.

    Cleric Dilettante feat would allow you 95% chance of success (i.e. failure rolling 1, success rolling 2).
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