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    Default Something Amusing...

    I was catching up on the dev tracker as I have not had much time to read the forums lately and I came across an amusing exchange between sevaral folks from the DDO team within the following thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleFooz View Post
    When we were working on the Droaam content pack, (actually, it was probably just before we started, if my memory serves me correctly) we sat down with Keith Baker and had discussions about the Sisters of Sora Kell, the Droaam nation -- that entire setting. Everyone was very excited that we were doing Droaam, and Keith was very helpful pointing our parts of the canon that could work very well with our storyline.

    In fact, to really get us in the mood, he DM'd a tabletop game for us set in Droaam. He had us play as the Droaam monsters. I was a Gnoll!
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    And I played a Minotaur.

    There was PvP. I critted someone's face off with a battle axe.

    And then I made Framework.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    I have some pictures laying around here somewhere of Flimsy PKing Eladrin. That was a classic series of shots. And a very displeased Eladrin.
    ...even if we never see PvP improved in DDO (which I still fully support and hope for) I am happy to know that members of the dev team can find amusement in a little PnP PvP action.

    I do not expect this to alter, or intend it to challenge any perspective/opinions of the Anti-PvP crowd.

    It just made me smile and conjured up some fond PnP memories.
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    PvP in PnP? It's Inconceivable!
    Remember the little people, if for no other reason than to better savor the squishy sound they make as you roll over them.

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    Haha very nice
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