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    Question novice rogue-arcane archer

    I would like to become an arcane archer if possible. that and i would like some overall advice for what direction i should take. up until now, i have just been messing around with no particular direction at all, but i would like to be a ranged rogue.
    also, is there a better way to put my stats in the thread than this simple typing?


    lvl 8
    true neutral
    str 10
    dex 20
    con 11
    int 20
    wis 14
    cha 8


    Balance 16
    bluff 2
    concentration 0
    diplomacy 2
    disable device 26
    haggle -1
    heal 2
    hide 16
    intimidate -1
    jump 11
    listen 18
    move silently 15
    open lock 21
    perform n/a
    repair 5
    search 24
    spot 20
    swim 12
    tumble 8
    use magical device 4


    defensice fighting
    elcven keen senses
    enchantment save bonus
    heroic durability
    immunity to sleep
    improved uncanny dodge
    light armor proficiency
    martial weapon proficiency
    point blank shot
    simple weapon proficiency
    sneak attack
    trap sense
    two weapon fighting

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    dont forget: for arcane archer u must to be able to cast any lvl 1 spells (for sp) and mental toughness/elven arcanum/arcane prodigy past-life active feat.

    also you need point blank shot and weapon focus: ranged.

    so if i may suggest: multiclass 18 rogue/1 wiz/1 fighter, as 18 rogue u lose 5d6 sneak attack, but get all 3 assassin enhancments, fighter would give u 10 extra hp and extra feat, and wizzie will give you extra feat along with 1st lvl arcane spells (you wont be using them though.. well i dont think you will.. but you need them nontheless)

    also if you are going arcane archer i suggest also getting bow strength and multishot. (1 easy option for all needed is 13 rogue/6 ranger/1 fighter) 6 ranger gives u: twf, itwf, manyshot, bow str, rapid shot along with longstrider and rams might spells. fighter as said, will give u extra feat and its frankly best class to multiclass 1lvl into (unless you have monk class avaible).

    hope this helps

    also note: a wizie level gives u acces to elven arcanum enhancment (wich can be instead of mental toughness) so u can get extend spell as wizard bonus feat.

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    what is twf and itwf?

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    twf = Two weapon fighting. (reduced penalties on the to hit roll for both hands and adds an extra 20% chance for offhand weapon to swing per mainhand swing)

    itwf = Improved two weapon fighting (extra 20% chance for offhand weapon to swing per mainhand swing)

    And yeah, you need to be able to cast spells (and arcane spells if you don't want to waste another feat on mental toughness) and have weapon focus:ranged and point blank shot as feats to qualify for aa.

    Hope that helps,
    ~ Diib

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    Have a look at the Triple A build in my sig. You'd have to start over, but your current build seems a bit...unfocused, to be honest.
    Retired Build Engineer. Everything was better back in our day. Get off my lawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkman999 View Post
    also, is there a better way to put my stats in the thread than this simple typing?
    You can use the character planner here:

    Very handy. Once you create the character, you have the option to export it for forum display. The builds you see with the stats all laid out in the little box with the scroll bar here on the forums are made with it. Very popular and useful tool.

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    Go pure rogue(twf khopeshs) assassin 3, ranged dps fails bud so don't waste your time

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