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Thread: Post-U9 lag

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    Crafting Hall in both houses exhibit terrible lag all the time sinc U14.

    Bank with a reincarnation account takes forever to load.

    Whenever I switch blasphemy glove from GS HP Ash Gloves or ring of spell storing to any ring.

    Shadow Crypt skip lags constantly.

    Loading screens occasionally take more than 5min in any world change.

    In general lag when in combat has been terrible since U13. I would guess a half second lag but its enough to cause melee to be difficult and single target spells to fail in particular polar ray. This appears to be from targeting issues due to lag.

    Sorry for the generalized issues, but it really is an overall lag issue for me. I have tweaked settings, checked my IP and even switched to other DNS's to find nothing in particular helps.

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    I have noticed over the past couple of weeks bad lag spikes whenever I change equipment. It appears isolated to when I either put on or take off equipment that adds an ability or skill adjustment to UMD. It happens every time (switching to or back) with the following changes:

    Switching from con necklace to Golden Cartouche
    Wind Howler Bracers to Ethereal Bracers
    Dex gloves to Gloves of Forgotten Craft

    It is terribly annoying, and takes between 3 and 5 seconds of freeze frame until it completes. In reading through the forums it seems like this is (or should be) a known issue. Any confirmation/plan to correct?

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