Hi all,

We are aware of the increased lag that has cropped up post-U9 and are looking into it. There is enough anecdotal evidence to point to a few candidates for investigation, but more info could be useful, hence this thread.

What I'd like, for now, are the world you play on, the quest, the party size and composition, the time of day (with timezone, or converted to either GMT or EDT), details about what was happening when the lag hit (for example, "all the casters had just called up ice storms", or "we got up from the shrine and couldn't move"), and any other info that seems relevant. If you were chatting with other players in-game and they did or didn't see lag at the same time, that could also be useful.

Please don't post "I'm seeing horrible lag! Fix it!" or the like. As satisfying as it might be to rant and vent, it won't help us track down the problem.