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    Default Armor Kits & Cosmetics

    Let's face some facts. This needs reworking.

    The only reason I have not bought armor kits is simply because once you use them, they're gone.
    On my main, who has many more lives to go, this is silly. I will not pay 250 TP for something, only to pay 250 TP for it again.
    On my alts, I will not pay 250 TP for something, when in 3 levels I would have to pay 250 TP again.

    Please, make armor kits have unlimited charges, so that I can use it on my new outfit/armor/docent as I level and find better items.

    Hair styles and hair dyes. Why are these toon only? Why don't these live through TR's?

    I would honestly say that I would buy many more cosmetics if they weren't one time use only/toon only.
    I would have bought most of the hairstyles if its an account option and I can make future toons with it.
    I would have have bought most of the hair dyes if its an account options.

    And this is coming from the guy who has bought many silly things from the DDO store.
    Skates for ice games
    Loot gems
    Cure moderate wounds pots (didn't know you could find em at certain vendors )
    The list goes on.

    Please, make cosmetics account options, and armor kits unlimited uses so that way I can make my toon look better at level 1 on his 3rd & 4th life, instead of having to wait until he is on his final life.

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    Thumbs up

    Would have to agree. Its general knowledge now that the Cosmetic Armors are an epic fail. A couple of them ~look~ nice, but thats about as far as it goes. I've spent more than my fair share of points trying and buying, but only because there is no better option atm. The one-use, like the hair, is understandable. (Money). The lack of options however, are not.
    Armor dyes would b one idea. More variety another. Want more hairstyles -why not? Its one portion of the game thats been sorely lacking compared to what is out there.

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    Post # 34560973508745028709 since hair dye and armor kits have come out. Ok....maybe not THAT many but it seems like it.

    I agree there needs to be an overhaul and give the people paying for the game something more what they want. Personally I'd like to see this:

    Armor Kits (keep these)
    Armor STYLE Kits (add these and allow us to choose from the various armor styles currently in the game)
    Armor DYE Kits (add these with all the colors currently available. When used you get an option of: 1) Primar Color, 2) Secondary Color, 3) Trim Color, whatever. Yes, you'd need 2-3 dye kits for a suit of armor.

    TP Cost:
    Armor Kits (no changes)
    Armor STYLE Kits: 150-350 TP per kit (Preview Kits 1TP)
    Armor DYE Kits: 50TP per single use or 210TP for 5 use kit (these should be BTA not BTC) and 400 TP for 10 use kits. Also Dye Kit preview kits at 1tp for 3 uses.

    As for making them have unlimited charges on kits, it will never happen. They're a TP sink and get enough people to BUY more TP for them. Until you can get EVERYONE to stop buying them with purchased TP I doubt this will ever happen.

    Hair Styles and Dye Kits should not be permanent on a TR but an OPTION to retain the hair style/color when you TR.
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    Armor Dye Kits?

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    I agree with the OP, and also think you should start giving armor skins with bulk and huge spikes. The skin tight armors, while some are nice, should not be all that is offered.

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