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    Quote Originally Posted by FrostBeard View Post
    no offense but by the time this fabled xpack comes around well all be playing guildwars 2 or diablo 3
    Can I have all your stuff when you leave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    We're currently trying out a new layout saving feature coming in Xpack - the idea being you can save and load your UI layouts for different characters as well as different machines/resolutions.
    This would be great.

    Also, it would be helpful to have a saved UI for "full screen" and one for "Windowed".

    I'm a multi-tasker and sometimes play in windowed mode but other times prefer full screen.
    I have to keep my UI arranged for "windowed" so the bars don't overlap when switching to windowed which leaves a lot of wasted space between bars in full screen mode.

    Edit -

    Are you thinking of having multiple UI's you can save?

    I'd love to have a sleak mode for usual game play with just a few bars and a detailed UI with all equipment/buff bars etc.
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