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My apologies if I'm missing something here but your OP wants to block DP because melees have no defense against it. Now this next part may be an assumption on my part, however I'm guessing that the result of this lack of defense is getting killed. Hence my impression that this is just another "Please block <insert spell/ability here> because it is killing me" thread.

Anyway, I stated my opinion in this post. There's not more I can say and remain on-topic. Although I am a little curious as to how Flesh to Stone being used to grief players by locking them down differs from using disco ball to immobilize them. I vaguely recall that victims of FtS couldn't even log out of the game but I could be wrong.

The FTS we had 3 years ago was prety much like DP right now in terms of griefing. 3 years ago you had to make a save every minute, the timer on the spell could be refreshed at will, the tavern regen wasn't getting rid of it and the duration of the spell was 2 min (i think). Now FTS is about 15 secs, save every 2 secs and tavern regen removes it.

Prety much the same thing with otto irresistible dance. Now it's 13ish secs instead of 45 and you can't refresh the timer. In fact the only thing that hasn't change is song of capering, you can even cast it tru walls, save is incredibly high and the timer can be refreshed. However there's way to counter it.

DP (and the caster versions) is insanly unbalanced. I know PvP was never balanced but why make it worst. I think the best way to fix the problem is to block the spell from PvP.


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