Simply stated.

CONCESSIONS: (lets get this out of the way)

1. DDO is not designed around pvp
2. I do not beleive an exorbant amount of time should be vested in the PVP arena
3. Im against recoding PVP to balance gameplay as a whole.


Block Divine Punishment in the PVP arena as you do other Spells because Melees essentially cannot counter this spell except for not dropping down into the arena. The counter to this spell essentially is by dispelling it. Most if not all melees cannot dispell over a casters DC.

Sans Divine Punishment all other spells currently used in PVP are absolutely fine. TUrbine has in the past blocked spells that now cannot be used in the pit I therefore see no reason to not block this.

Searing light, scorching ray and any other non-save spell requires a direct line hit, a melees counter is to keep moving; Meeorswarm and the new Savant DOT's for the most part have a save opportunity to mitigate damage.

There is no save opportunity to Divine Punishment, it stacks making it virtually impossible to heal through once the third tier stack takes effect.

DP has ruined any meleers abilities to counter.

Please block DP from the pit.