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    Default (legend build) Tempest (ranger18/monk/Fighter)

    Well, I'm about to reincarnate my ranger and become a legend. I'll post my build, to know what you think about.
    I'm posting what I remember, since I'm not home right now xD

    Half-Elf - ranger18/monk/Fighter
    Dilettante- Rogue
    Str 17 (42=17 +5 Levels +2 Tome +1 Enh. +6 Item +2 Rage +2 Rams +3 Exceptional Strength[tod ring] +2 ship +2 stack pot)
    Dex 15 (30=15 +2 Tome +3 Enh. +6 Item +2 ship +2 stack pot)
    Con 13 (22=13 +2 Tome +1 Enh. + 6 Item)
    Int 10 (13=10 +3 Tome)
    Wis 15 (30 =15 +2 Tome +6 Item + 3 Exceptional Wisdom[tod ring] +2 ship +2 stack pot)
    Cha 8 (16=8 +2 Tome +6 Item)
    Level Progression:
    8- Fighter
    14 thru 20-Ranger

    total Skills: Base, 7/level
    Intimidate - 23
    Jump - 5
    Balance - 7
    Bluff- 11
    tumble 13

    Dilettante- Rogue
    Spring Attack
    Power Attack(Fighter bonus)
    Combat Expertise
    Toughness (monk bonus)
    Two Weapon Defense
    Maximize Spell


    Improved Rogue Dilettante II
    Human Versatility IV
    Human Improved Recovery II
    Human Adaptability Strength I
    Human Greater Adaptability Constitution I
    Racial Toughness III
    Ranger Dexterity III
    Ranger Favored Damage IV
    Ranger Favored Defense II
    Ranger Devotion IV
    Ranger Tempest III
    Fighter Haste Boost I
    Fighter Toughness I

    10 Base
    10 Dexterity
    10 Wisdom
    1 Dodge feat
    4 Icy Raiments Dodge
    5 Protection
    5 Barkskin
    1 Alchemical Dodge
    4 Insight (Shroud Crafted)
    1 Two Weapon Defense
    1 Monk Bonus
    8 Armor Bracers
    4 Tempest III
    1 Two Weapon Defense
    2 Epic Cloak of Night
    3 natural ship ac
    5 Combat Expertise

    Total 75 self buff mode.
    VS FE 72/77

    162(Levels) +20(Heroic) +10(Draconic) +120(Con) +22(Helm) +22(Tough) +40(Enh.) +45(GS)=441 (rage 461)

    In the latter case I use the pot of Yugoloth to give more HP, but do not like to lose attack speed, I can use madstone too.
    +40 Yugoloth+40 madstone+40 double madstone=571 (rage 591)
    I'm currently without GFL, I'm hoping to complete the epic set chronoscope and add after

    You build a balancing of AC and damage
    Without IC, using 2 min kopesh II
    Intimidate will not be perfect, but it will be able to help against some bosses, during the hate tank.
    Bluff will be used as a test after the update 9

    Base+mod+ Icy Raiments+GH

    For 28
    Ref 30
    Will 25

    item is not commented that I use
    Tharn's Goggles
    (the) Bloodstone
    GS= 6 cha Exceptiona bonus/300 sp/air guard
    GS=45 hp min II

    I'm currently without resist +5, I'm hoping to complete the epic set chronoscope and add after
    I believe that is all xD

    If I complete the combo chronoscope, I put an update here
    +6 str +4 ac (trade cloak)

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    I flip-flop on Combat Expertise all the time about it's use. I've currently running two Exploiter builds where I took a healing meta-magic in it's place and I thing it's the right call. As I can get a PA AC over 80 I haven't needed CE for some time, but I'd like to do Sulu in Elite Tower so I might take it back . . .

    In your case I'd strongly recommend dropping it for Improved Crit. Mineral IIs are nice, but better DPS weapons exist.

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