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Cannith crafting offers the following:

Cannith Crafted Lesser Arcane Casting Dexterity Gloves, Ring or Trinket
Description: Gloves, Ring or Trinket that include Lesser Arcane Casting Dexterity
Location: Craftable with a Lesser Arcane Casting Dexterity Shard, which is level 10 arcane (bound) or level 20 arcane (unbound).
I crafted a Lesser Arcane Casting ring and slipped it on. I already had Tier-II of Elven Arcane Fluidity. So, my armor that is normally 15% failure SHOULD be 0% failure, but when i look at it there is not change when i take off/put on the ring. still stays at 5%.

But, here's the odd thing. in my Effects log it is SAYING that I'm getting the benefit when i put it on.
Any insights from Gurus?