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    The skin isnt working for me. Followed instructions, but nothing happened.

    Edit: I installed DDO to a dif location. Had to put the folder in there.

    Works fine now.
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    Default Im lost

    Quote Originally Posted by slimkj View Post
    Oh brilliant. Nice work. This is similar to the other one I like, rival01, in style, but with more elements skinned by the looks of it. Will be trying it out, thanks!

    Have commented on myddo, but is your mate on the forums? Looking to give +rep.
    i got alot of skins but they color everything but my hot bars how do i fix this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    I use the Blackbird skin as well on many of my characters. I notice that if you uncheck the option to "Show Portrait on Vitals Bar" the individual vitals UI seems to fit nicely with the Blackbird skin, and remove the messed-up look of it.

    We are hoping to release an update to the UI Art Pack soon, but we don't have a current ETA on when we will be able to fit that work in.
    I'm still using Blackird

    Cordo - any update on when that UI Art pack will be released? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzevel View Post
    I'm still using Blackird

    Cordo - any update on when that UI Art pack will be released? :P
    They collectively have avoided any comment of updating the UI template for people to use in making new skins, both in wise cracks and direct asking. Quoting Cordo from 2011 will most likely just label this a necro thread and get it locked.
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    Default Help.

    I just downloaded this to install on my new alienware17 laptop as I think it would fit the overall look of the machine. But I cannot get it to work although I followed the destructions in the OP. Is there a workaround or an update I'm missing or something?
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    turbine broke theming when they did a UI update a long time ago and hasn't fixed it since.

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    Default Blackbird still works today

    There was a change back when Turbine still owned DDO that did invalidate a lot of the UI Skins that had been created by users for the game. But I was using Blackbird at the time and continue to use it today. And I know it will continue to work when The Masterminds of Sharn is released because I was still using it during both the first and second Sharn previews on Lammania and intend to use it during the third Sharn preview scheduled for this week.
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    Default Hot bars not re-skinning

    So I've just downloaded and applied the Blackbird skin, it works fine for all my windows and my vertical hot-bars show the ui change, but for some reason my horizontal bars aren't being changed?
    equipped items on the horizontal bars get the nice green highlight but I don't have the slimmed down bar design?
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