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    Smile Omnisniffiscence? D&D Perfumes (and I am not kidding)

    Like anyone armed with a sense of appropriateness and irony, I was a bit skeptical when I first came across the idea of D&D-based perfumes. “Skeptical” may be underplaying it, the whole concept is instantly ridiculous: I set my Mockery Projector to Full Stun and followed the link to Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.

    I’m a sucker for any artwork that includes a D20
    But instead I found a sweet paean to role playing that was entirely true to itself, utterly lacking of commercialism or snark, decorated with earnestly appealing hand-crafted art, and to cap it all off, a dedication to the perfumer’s parents who taught her to play D&D.

    Hard to mock that.

    Yet, it remains a bunch of perfumes apparently themed to represent Dungeons and Dragons. I’m attaching the list. Chortle or not as you see fit.

    (Click Here for the full list)

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    Oops wrong forum. Requesting a move to Roleplaying forum

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