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    Default Quivers, Bags, Folders.

    So, it seems to be impossible to place arrows which are in my quiver onto a hotbar. That is, in order to have specific arrows on the bar, they have to be pulled out of the quiver. Is this WAI?

    I would think a Ranger, (or any adventurer really), could reach to his waist (or back) and tell by the fletch which arrows he's grabbing. I'd think he'd have them organized into pockets, and I'd think he could whip out his weap of choice without looking. And yet our UI forces us to open our inventory, remove the arrows we want, and manually load them up? What would that look like in real life? He pulls the arrows out of his quiver where they belong, stuffs them into his backpack, and then starts fighting? Um, noooo.

    Honestly, how is a Ranger to do his job well if he's messing around with his gear all the time? Yeah, it's really nice that I earned my new House D quiver, and yeah, I have a few special use bows to choose from, but If I've got monsterAs moving in on the party from one side, and monsterBs pewpewing them from above, I sure would like to be able to flash down to my hotbar and pick the appropriate bird for the job.

    On a side note, all of our containers have this same problem it seems. Can't bring shards from the ingredient bag directly into the crafting station either, eh? Boo. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that hires can't be hotbared if they're in a hire-folder too?

    Hey devs, would this be a really difficult thing to fix? Rangers already are getting the short end of the dev-love-stick... Little help?
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