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    Default Seriously? New line of RPG inspired perfumes

    Found on Smell like an Orc

    You may have no trouble smelling like an orc after 12 straight hours of raiding, but if you do, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is here for you. The company has come out with a line of RPG inspired perfumes. Choose from: Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Hafling, Orc, Cleric, Fighter, or Mage and people will not only see that you're a geek, they'll smell it too.

    Lol. If these actually make it to a store somewhere I guess I'd take a whiff. Let me guess, Cleric smells like incense? Halfling smells like.....

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    Some choice quotes from posted comments

    I'm not a troll! Honest! It's just my new cologne!

    You know, you try to convince people you're just like everyone else, that the stereotypes about geeks aren't true, that you really do know how to talk to girls... Then a story like this one gets out.

    $17.50 for 5 ml...You gotta be kiddin' me!!!! Almost as expensive as printer ink.

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    I'm sure you could find it at GenCon or osmething. Nerd girl cred!

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