I have a 19 FvS/1 Bard human, and I want to TR them to a half elf, but only if I could keep the use of my Mad Lute. Will the feat count as a bard level for a class requirement for an item that is not a scroll or wand? I don't want to give up my Madstone Rods either.

* Half-Elven Dilettante: Bard
o Prerequisites: Half-Elf, 13 Charisma
o Benefit: You have the gift of song, and have learned a few tips from famous bards. You can produce a Bardic Fascinate effect three times per rest that mesmerizes nearby enemies, with a Will DC based on a Perform check (or 1d20 + Charisma Modifier if untrained) to negate. You are able to use wands and scrolls as if you were a level one bard, and for item use purposes you count as a level one bard in addition to any other classes you possess. This feat is not recommended for characters with actual bard levels.