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    Question Wizard Diletante = Elven Arcanum in U9 ?

    If I chose wizard diletante as a Half elf, will I get the new Elven Arcanum spell point and spell penetration bonus enhancement line I & II in update 9 ?
    For a total of +40sp ( 80sp as a FvS or Sorc? )
    +2 spell pen ?

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    The U9 release notes list Elven Arcanum as (still) being elf-only. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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    No and really ... Elven Arcanum may only be taken on an elf which is a Wizard. It would be a bit lopsided if helf could take it in every other class.
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    few thoughts
    1. If half-elfs could get Elven Arcanum, then...wouldn't, logically, drows be able to get Arcanum?
    2. If you could get +2 int, or the survivability of barbarian dilettante-ness, or pally dilettante save-ness...or...IDK? Rangerness? Why would you bother with being a non-drow/non-half-elf elfs?

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