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    Default Chibi Comic Series

    Recently I've received a graphics tablet which has inspired me to draw more, now that I don't have to deal with my silly scanner that only works on days not ending in "y".

    First off, meet the cast:

    This is Atmadarkwolf, rogue-monk-stick-acrobat-thing. He requested I draw his character then requested I draw a comic... so I drew a comic with his character.

    This is Kuniken, lich-wizard-with-thing-on-his-head. He writes the "scripts" for these so-called comics.

    Hiyashi, cleric-monk-rogue that's too indecisive for her own good.

    Glancing Blows:
    In Twilight Forge, what happens when you knock down the pillar with your two-hand weapon? Fire, FIRE! Oh wait, what?!

    Bringing the Light:
    Apparently pink hats don't make guards any smarter.
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