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    Default Radiant Archer v.2.0 (32-pt HE cleric 17-based AAs)

    These builds are the successors to my original Radiant Archer builds from last year. Since these are 32-pt half-elves, they're not F2P builds, so I decided to spawn them off into their own thread. However the premise is essentially the same: WIS-based battle clerics / Arcane Archers. These builds aren't set in stone; rather they're meant as guidelines for anyone considering such a combo.

    Let's just get this out of the way right now: an AA cleric is an inherently self-gimped build, IMHO. A conventional melee battle cleric will do significantly more DPS and often require fewer feats. A conventional pure cleric will be a significantly better offensive caster. Furthermore, you have to figure out how to juggle archery (esp. Manyshot) with your casting duties. This is a build concept aimed at those who don't want to play a pure cleric, prefer archery to melee, and don't mind being more than a little suboptimal to indulge their preferences.

    Missiles vs Magic: The biggest issue here is severe feat shortage. A THF battle cleric really only needs Power Attack and maybe Improved Crit. An AA BC, OTOH, needs at least the AA pre-reqs (WF Ranged, Point Blank Shot, and either Mental Toughness or an arcane splash); they ought to get Manyshot (because otherwise why be an AA in the first place?) which in turn requires Rapid Shot; and ideally they should have Bow Strength (or HE ranger dilly), Imp Crit Ranged, Precise Shot, and Imp Prec Shot. My builds try to split the difference between ideal and totally gimp (given the inherent gimpiness of the idea I mean ): cleric AAs w/Manyshot & Bow STR, but passing on the last three ranged feats. This hurts ranged DPS, but IMHO you can't afford to sacrifice that many metamagics and still be a decent caster.

    Speaking of which, then we come to the metamagic feats. At a minimum you need Empower Heal to take Radiant Servant (it is in the build name after all ); Quicken is invaluable for spells with longer cast times (e.g., Heal & Mass Heal) to shorten cast times & avoid being interrupted; ideally you want Maximize and regular Empower to max out your DPS & Cures as well as your bursts. Extend & Heighten would be nice too, but I decided they weren't essential.

    What to Splash? - I wanted lvl 9 spells (for Mass Heal if nothing else), which meant at least cleric 17. I take a wizard splash to meet the AA pre-req (so Mental Toughness is not required) and for the free metamagic feat; in effect a net gain of 2 feats. Being able to use arcane wands doesn't suck, either. So what to do with the other two lvls?

    I came up with two builds: one with a ranger 2 splash for free Bow STR & Rapid Shot with the barbarian Dilettante feat for extra CON & HPs; and one with a fighter 2 splash for 2 feats, +1 STR, & Haste Boost and the ranger dilly for HE Bow STR.

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.8.1
    DDO Character Planner Home Page
    Level 20 True Neutral Half-Elf Female
    (2 Ranger \ 17 Cleric \ 1 Wizard) 
    Hit Points: 308
    Spell Points: 1269 
    BAB: 14\14\19\24
    Fortitude: 16
    Reflex: 12
    Will: 19
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
    Strength             14                    14
    Dexterity            15                    18
    Constitution         14                    16
    Intelligence         10                    10
    Wisdom               16                    24
    Charisma              8                     8
    Tomes Used
    +2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 8
    Level 1 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
    Feat: (Half-Elf Dilettante) Half-Elf Dilettante: Barbarian
    Feat: (Selected) Point Blank Shot
    Level 2 (Cleric)
    Level 3 (Cleric)
    Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Ranged Weapons
    Level 4 (Cleric)
    Ability Raise: WIS
    Level 5 (Cleric)
    Level 6 (Cleric)
    Feat: (Selected) Empower Healing Spell
    Level 7 (Cleric)
    Level 8 (Wizard)
    Ability Raise: WIS
    Feat: (Wizard Bonus) Maximize Spell
    Level 9 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Selected) Manyshot
    Level 10 (Cleric)
    Level 11 (Cleric)
    Level 12 (Cleric)
    Ability Raise: WIS
    Feat: (Selected) Toughness
    Level 13 (Cleric)
    Level 14 (Cleric)
    Level 15 (Cleric)
    Feat: (Selected) Quicken Spell
    Level 16 (Cleric)
    Ability Raise: WIS
    Level 17 (Cleric)
    Level 18 (Cleric)
    Feat: (Selected) Empower Spell
    Level 19 (Cleric)
    Level 20 (Cleric)
    Ability Raise: WIS
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Acid Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Explosive Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Force Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Force Burst Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Slaying Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Terror Arrows
    Enhancement: Cleric Radiant Servant I
    Enhancement: Cleric Radiant Servant II
    Enhancement: Unyielding Sovereignty
    Enhancement: Follower of the Sovereign Host
    Enhancement: Human Adaptability Constitution I
    Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery I
    Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery II
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness I
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness III
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +2 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +3 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +4 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +5 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer I
    Enhancement: Improved Heal I
    Enhancement: Improved Heal II
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Life I
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Life II
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life II
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic I
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic II
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic III
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic IV
    Enhancement: Wizard Energy of the Scholar I
    Enhancement: Half-Elf Barbarian Constitution I
    Enhancement: Ranger Dexterity I
    Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom I
    Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom II
    Enhancement: Cleric Wisdom III
    Enhancement: Half-Elf Barbarian Toughness I
    Enhancement: Half-Elf Barbarian Toughness II
    Enhancement: Cleric Divine Vitality I
    Enhancement: Cleric Improved Turning I
    Ranger 2 can be taken sooner for Rapid Shot; I was making a beeline for cleric 6 / RS I, then the wizard splash for the AA pre-req, then rgr 2 to get Manyshot. Instead of Empower at lvl 18, you could take either Imp Crit Ranged for better DPS, Extend for longer buffs, or Heighten for higher spell DCs. I consider Emp to be most useful just for the extra healing, but it's a personal call.

    EDIT: also consider ftr dilly instead of barb and take racial +1 STR enh and ftr dilly +1 STR enh. +2 STR vs +2 CON & 2 Toughness enhs - your call which is more to your liking.

    EDIT: what about Divine Might? Well, you could start 14 / 15 / 14 / 8 / 14 / 14 to grab DM I; a +2 CHA tome gets you DM II. Or 12 / 15 / 14 / 8 / 16 / 12; +2 CHA tome gets you DM I. I'm not sold on +2 or +4 dmg being worth the hit to your other stats; and I'm not sure what enhs I would drop to make room for DM. To say nothing of the fact that now you would need to share your TUs with DM, auras, and bursts; seems to me like you'd run out of charges too quickly, at least if you like spamming DM. But it is certainly an option.
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