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    Default Helf w/12, tome +1 = Dilettante enabled?

    I am wondering if both Tomes and Level-up points into an ability score can be used to qualify for Half Elf Dilettante feats ?

    I am making the assumption that FRED can swap Dilettante feats after I have raised my ability score via tomes and/or level-ups.

    Has anyone done this ?
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    I didn't swap any but I did notice that Fred gave me the option to swap dilly feats. As far as prereqs, level ups and tomes qualify for other feats so I would assume they do for dilly feats as well. so yes your plan should work.

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    iirc fred will take into account whether you meet level, class, BAB & any other feats as prereqs for a feat at the level at which you took the feat you're replacing (so cant have fighter splash at level 2 with a placeholder feat & swap in imp crit later) - cant say for certain whether this will take into account stat increases or tomes since that level, but the easiest way to check would be to talk to him & try - you can always hit cancel to not spend the PP & shard or free token. Whether this is WAI or not i'm not sure though.
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