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    Today just Alisabet and I made it to the party. Perhaps it's time we recruited more members for those days when the core group cannot attend. Any of those core members that have had schedule changes preventing them from joining the group at the appointed time should let us all know so that we may arrange for another questing time more conducive to their needs.

    I'd enjoy continuing this group as I have devoted not an insignificant amount of time to it and find the company to be both competent and agreeable. However, I am not opposed to the idea of soloing or questing with whomever shows up if such would allow for character advancement sans regular, static play in the face of insurmountable constraints.

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    If we could figure out something to get everyone back together, that would be awesome. However, atm... I don't have internet at my house due to my recent moving, and I'm not sure when I'll get that back. I can get on while I'm at my grandmother's but I never know when I'm able to get over there to be on. I shall continue to try to catch up and meet up with you guys till then though. In the meanwhile, there is a guy that sent me a message about being in the group. I told him to contact one of you guys if I wasn't on about being a filler for our group when someone is gone.

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    Default Questing Today?

    Will anyone be attending today's session? Ali has a prior engagement and will be unable to play until at least an hour past meeting time. If just Getrik and I show up, we may as well not bother.

    I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to a time when we may all play together again.

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