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    Question *Dis Iratis Natus* Bist du bereit???

    First let me introduce myself. I´m playing DDO since June 2009. So I am an active player for some time. I am German and live in Germany so quite possibly my English is not 100% correct. ;-)
    I haven´t played much PnP but I have played Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights a lot before I started with DDO. I have 75 Forgotten Realms Novels and I love them! As well as a nice collection of (DnD) Miniatures. :-O

    I have many toons and I play all classes, multiclassing as well as pure builds.

    Description of the Guild “Rules”

    1. Keep it easy! Have Fun!

    2. All guild members know each other and talk to each other. So if you are looking for an anonymous “ship-buff-guild” look elsewhere.

    3. Play together! We play together because we WANT to. There is and should be no HAVE TO! We have toons in all lvl ranges so if we are sick of shroud farming we´ll run a Sands Quest or have some fun in the Harbor with our newest tr or lvl4 toon.

    4. The maximum lvl of accounts/players in the guild will not be higher than 10!

    What are we looking for???

    IMPORTANT! Your playtime is conform with ours wich means EUROPEAN timezone. This is UTC+01:00 (Germany). For example New York is UTC−05:00. The difference is 6 hours. But if you play during the day this should be okay.

    Please answer the following questions so we can see if we let you join us.

    1. How do you eat breakfast?
    a) I don`t eat breakfast because I do not sleep.
    b) I eat mashed kobolds spiced with dried orc blood.
    c) I like croissants, apricot jam, freshly pressed orange juice and a Cappuccino
    d) I drink a mug of coffee.

    2. You are in the Shroud part 3 and one player cries for help with the puzzle. What do you do?
    a) I tell him he sucks and he should look at the solver.
    b) I do not respond at all and hope that some other will help him.
    c) I ask where he is and help him to solve the puzzle.
    d) I do not know what the Shroud is.

    3. How often do you play?
    a) Only Sunday between three and four o`clock
    b) Sometimes I wonder what this “Real Life” is I heard somebody mention.
    c) When I have some time and need to relax from work and my GF is visiting her parents.
    d) Nearly every day for more than two hours.

    4. You are in a party and wait till the group fill up. What do you do?
    a) I enter the quest and go zerging because I do not want to waste time.
    b) I say “Hi” and then stand by mediating in silence till the party is full.
    c) I blame the party leader that the group is not filling up and leave the group.
    d) I "sneak" the female elven caster and then start dancing.

    5. You are doing a quest and have only 50 hp left. What do you do?
    a) I drink healing pots and use wand till I get heals from cleric.
    b) I die because I am the healer in the party and I am a battle cleric.
    c) This will never happen because all my toons have uber AC.
    d) I tell the cleric in party chat: HEAL! HEAL ME! I will die! *ding

    So please answer the questions and we will see if you fit in our fantastic guild!?!?!

    Good Luck!
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