i made this one for a Paladin that was pivitol to the campaign i was running. the paladin was level 25 (may even have been 30) and was 9 feet tall with 52 Strength. this allowed him to weild a Greatsword in one hand and a Kiteshield in the other.

Indoril - +10 Greatsword (4d6+10 Slashing, 18-20 x4)

Good Burst
Lawful Burst
Light Burst
Godly Strike (1d100 chance to deal 100d6 light damage)
Acts as Vampiric V. Demons and Devils

needless to say, this Plaldin was not a PC, but he DID fight with the PArty through most of the campaign.
in fact, at the end it turned out that he was the Avatar of Ao (the final boss of the campaign was the Varuect, the Embodiment of Chaos.)