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    Default Why I wouldn't recommend Necro IV...

    The horror of Necro IV.

    When I saw this pack on sale for 50% off one day, I thought, "Oh boy, I gotta get this! Ill get good favor, I hear its pretty good, and it's got a lot of stuff!", so I baught it with my god-given Turbine points and was ready to get blown away by the last chapter in the Necropolis Series. But too bad all I found in Necro IV was just a swamp of undead doo-doo that made me depressed and sad. It's a shame I can't refund adventure packs or turn my decision around, because I certainly would have if I found out just how bad this pack was. Here's my sour and rotten experience of Necropolis IV.

    The bad, and the ugly.

    I think the first thing I can talk about right away is the difficulty. It is UNFORGIVING. Believe it or not, I actually find this more difficult to do than the vale of twilight, and heck, maybe even The Inspired Quarter. It's difficult, without a doubt, and I frankly would not recommend this pack to a good portion of the population, including myself. Why is it so difficult? Well, to begin, there's so many annoying things out in these quests that it adds up. There's puzzles that you might need a guide to, mobs that turn into something else when you die, mobs that spam annoying attacks, and so on, and so on.

    On top of that, the grind in itself is absurd. You have to collect 8 pieces of a sigil and fuse it together in order to gain access to a pre-raid. It doesn't sound too hard, but when you factor in that the quests themselves are a pain to deal with and generally not fun, it gets difficult pretty quick. Speaking of depressing, this place REALLY does seem depressing when I enter into it. I guess maybe if there's one compliment I can give about this, it's that they did a good job making this place depressing, both with quest mechanics and design. This is another reason why I avoid Necro IV; in addition to not being fun, it's depressing to be in and really puts me down.

    If you thought grinding for 20 tapsteries or grinding to get the whole sigil was bad, well...that's nothing compared to some of the things you have to do next, both optionally and as a requirement to advance. After you get the sigil, you get to participate in a pre-raid. Now, let me just begin by saying if you've never done this, your in for a hell of a lot, believe me. It's gonna get ugly and its gonna come fast. At the end of the first part, there's a black dragon that you have to conquer by way of mental riddles, and unless you act lawful good or chaotic good in nature, there's a good chance you'll get destroyed on the spot. No save whatsoever, little chance to escape, and if you f up, then thats it. Even though the quest isn't listed as failed, it has failed, believe me. Even if you ddoor after solving the riddle, a barrier rises out of nowhere and there's no way to go back in. But, I think compared to what else lies beyond, this isn't a big deal.

    The thing that really ticks me off is that, once you complete the 'pre-raid', its not over. Not yet. Don't even think about recalling if this is your first, second, third or maybe even forth time in it. Depending on what you fed the dragon in answers, a passageway opens up, and you HAVE to go through it if you want to participate in the raid itself, because guess what? The optional aren't really optionals; they're a requirement if you haven't done them yet. It's a weird problem, and actually reminds me of Tempests Spine, when getting the runes are a 'optional'. But regardless, it's a bunch of BS, and it means you have to do this stinking pile of undead doo doo quest 4 times in a row at least in order to flag for the raid, because somehow, everyone that you've seen in the pre-quests chickens out, and you gotta bash them upside the head again to get them through it.

    Don't even recall out once you defeat the 'optional' boss, you gotta go outside and smash a crystal, and if you time it wrong where someone didn't get out and a PUG decides they have their own plan, you gotta do it all over again. Once you go through that BS 4 times, then your good to go. Doing all that just once is enough to rip my hair out, and, at that point, I just gave up. My patience was exhausted by this quest series, and I decided, "Doing all this BS just to get flagged for this raid is despicable!", so thats when I gave up. I didn't even make it to the raid. But, there's still more to talk about, sadly.

    I never got to mention the other two optional collectables(And thankfully they're optional!) but let me just say, they're probably not worth mentioning due to the difficulty of collecting them. One collectable, the Tome of Untold Legends, requires you to collect 8 tome pages from the pre-raid quest and turn them in for a unqiue weapon reward. And let me just say, I am definitely not the only one who HATES this grind. First off, at the VERY minimum, you need to do this at least 8 times, since I assume 2 tome pages drop per 'optional' chest. Now, if you thought that was bad, wait until you realize just how borked the drop tables are for these pages. My best estimate is that you'll have to hit the chest 8 times for a tome page or maybe two on elite, so if your lucky, you might be able to get a whole tome in about 64 runs or so, if that. It's a ****** grind, and something NOBODY, not even a powergamer, should go through, because you'll be doing it a long, long time my friend.

    The other collectable, which I really hate to mention because not only are the rewards junk, but the way to collect them is garbage too, is the Shield of Untold Legends. You probably won't even guess as to how to collect these shields. Let's see:

    • Get them from end 'optional' chests in the pre-raid? Nope, the tome pages fall under that category.
    • Get them from the chests in the actual raid? Nope.
    • Get them from end chests in the pre-quests? Nope, the sigil pieces fall under that category.
    • Get them from chests in the wilderness? Nope, the tapestries fall under that category.

    The answer: You get them from a optional chest by going into a portal of Dollurh. This 'portal' can be found one of the garbage pre-quests, and let me just say, odds are, you'll never guess to get shield pieces in there, and even if you do, you'll be like, "Surely they must drop somewhere else?" Nope. They don't sadly, its the only place. First off, don't even ask me why the portal is there or how the shield pieces ended up in there, and second, good luck getting past the inevitables! I wouldn't even bother with it in the slightest, heck I wouldn't even bother buying the shield pieces, because hardly any of the shields are good. I would just save up for the rewards. The shield of untold legends just is not worth getting if you ask me.

    Heh, we've gotten this far in this impressive wall of unholy text and we haven't even talked about the raid itself yet! Well, sadly, like I said, I haven't even gotten to the raid yet, but looking at the DDO wiki, as well as sending tells to the leader of a guild run on my server, it is unforgiving. UN-FOR-GIV-ING. If the pre-raid wasn't difficult enough, this most certainly would be. I wouldn't pug this in the slightest; heck, I bet a shroud elite will be easier to pug than a Ascension chamber on normal. Why is it so hard, you ask? Well, the puzzles the abbot gives you leave very little, if any room for error. You mess up, and its game over. That means you have to reform the group and try all over again. The Abbot himself is also a challenge to defeat, probably harder than Arritrekos himself. He uses a variety of hard-hitting spells, as well as special attacks with the ability to drain mana in addition to dealing massive damage! Even guild runs have a good chance of failing, so either way, you've got quite a challenge ahead of you!

    If it might interest you, despite the fact that both The Shroud and Ascension Chamber raids are both 17, the Ascension Chamber raid actually gives less favor than The Shroud.

    Anyways, as for the loot outside the collectibles, its fairly unimpressive to say the least. I wouldn't bother trying to get most, if not all of it, because of the mentioned difficulty and the horrible drop rates in getting it, especially for the raid and pre-raid loot. Granted, not all of the loot is worthless, but for the few that have at least 1 thing interesting about it, its not worth getting if you ask me. I would just focus on getting shroud ingrediants or ToD items than that. The one thing that really disappointed me though was that +2 tomes do NOT drop in the wilderness area(If your lucky enough to get one.) I know, you might be looking at me funny and say, "Well why did you expect those to drop here?" The answer is that since is level 13-14 or so content, wouldn't you think that around that level, +2 tomes would drop around that level? I don't know, but either way, even if they did drop +2 tomes in the area, I wouldn't farm there for the tomes.


    What a depressing adventure pack. So much negativity to say about it. However, despite the fact that the adventure pack is smeared in undead doo-doo, there are at LEAST a few positive things to say about it, right?

    The scarce good.

    Not everything is totally fail about the adventure pack. Some of the loot in the area itself is not absolutely worthless. For one, getting the fabled Minos Legens helm is a bit of a grind, but worth it in the end, especially for squishes. The Skiver and Twinblade rewards are nice to possess if you have characters that can use them, and the XP is definately noticable. However, despite the XP factor, I will NOT bother going here on my TR'ed character because of how depressing and difficult it is in there. It's just not worth it. I'd rather get stuck at a level and advance slowly than quest in Necro IV. Apart from the loot, if you manage to actually finish all the pre-quests on elite, the silver flame favor is tasty. And the developers did a good job of making the environment dark and depressing, much how the adventure pack is supposed to be. The DM at least isn't bad, but nothing too special. I wonder if Tolero voices the DM?

    The conclusion

    Necro IV fails to impress or satisfy me in so many ways. It makes me cry to think about how badly they messed this up. I think someone said that at the time, this was supposed to be 'endgame' content, but really? This was end-game? As you can tell by my join date, I am fairly certain I was not around when this was end-game, but if it was, I would just quit my subscription immediately because of how much Necro IV fails. This content pack needs a major overhaul or major update, but I don't see this happening in the near future, which is fine since I look forward to some of the new content Turbine puts out.

    However, I am not going to totally blame Turbine for making such a failure of a adventure pack. At the time they made it, I am sure that they were having a lot of trouble with this game, because updates were slowing down and there were a lot of financial problems with fueling the game. Odds are, the DEV's who made it at the time were under a lot of unneeded stress and negativity, which is why they messed up badly on Necro IV.

    I know that people like this, sure, and they'll want to wring my neck for what I have to say, which I really don't care, but hey, what works for one person doesn't always work for another, and this is a great example of that. I just wanted to criticize how bad Necro IV was, as well as offer some improvements below to someday make it a greater adventure pack in the future. If you really have a problem to the point where you'd rather use profanities against me and rather not add something constructive, well, prepare to fall on deaf ears, my friend.

    Speaking of suggestions, here's a few for Necro IV id like to offer in the hopes of being revived as a great adventure pack:

    Suggestions for content improvement

    The very first thing I can think of for Necro IV is to simply replace the flagging mechanic so you only need to do each quest and the pre-raid only ONCE. No need to get a BS sigil, destroy 4 crystals and the guardians of them, or any other BS like that. The shroud is a great example of a raid flagging mechanic, and maybe even most of Demon Sands. The current flagging mechanism for Necro IV causes too much bad than it does good, both for the developers and players.

    The difficulty also needs to be toned down. For a adventure pack that is supposed to be lower level than vale, this certainly is difficult, and definitely needs a tone-down in difficulty. Some of the mobs in the wilderness can be toned down too, such as the mobs that spawn a spectre or wraith upon death. I believe those undead should not spawn if killed by a assassinate or instant-death spell while unaware of the enemy. While some of the annoying enemies such as quells can stay, some of the annoying mechanics, such as the one in Inferno of the Damned, need to be rethought of.

    As for the collectables, it would be nice to see the shield of legend drop in more than one place. Since the shields aren't worth much compared to the weapons, why not make it a chance to get part of the shield as a end chest reward? And the Tome of Untold Legends drop rates need to be raised by a lot: Elite drop rates should become the new normal, while the new hard and new elite drop rates should be higher than the current elite drop rates. There's a difference between too common and too rare, and I definately see the tome pages being too rare of a reward, especially when compared to other quests.

    Apart from the pre-raid needing to be ran only once, and the optionals REALLY being optionals, there isn't much to change. The raid itself, however, needs a change. It needs to be more forgiving for players, since the puzzles themselves require little or no room for error. While I don't want to see this being super-easy, it doesn't have to be super-hard as it is today. It should be easier to figure out the raid if this is your first time by looking at clues, giving some free range, and so on. Even for shroud, you didn't need to look at a guide to solve the puzzles if it was your first time, but it sure helps if you don't know what to do. That is similar to how I would like to see the Ascension chamber raid. I can't suggest much for the loot because every content pack has its own form of junk loot, but maybe they can take a loot at that to see if they can do it better(Such as the ogre femur inflicting a 18 second silence effect on vorpal strikes, for example, with no save.)

    Overall, the things I would like to see changed for the Necro IV adventure pack for the good of the community would be:

    • Easier Difficulty
    • Less grind
    • More improved drop rates for collectibles
    • Tweaks for far less annoying quest mechanics
    • Easier to do and figure out raid

    Maybe when Necro IV gets a big update, or when epic comes out for Necro IV, I might be willing to give this another shot. But until then, I won't step foot in it again unless I need a minos legens for a new character, and even then, I minimize my time exposed in there. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone except die-hard players, and even then, I must warn them they might be disappointing in a few ways.

    Here's to hoping Necro IV doesn't go down the undead doo-doo pile even further if Turbine makes a update to it.

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    A pretty informative post--I knew it had a bad reputation, but this sounds...unpleasant. I had planned to buy it for the abbot's robe alone, which looks awesome and would kick butt as a robe for my pale master...but maybe I'll just wait for the Mabar event instead.
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    I'm not saying that you are incorrect of your assessment, I myself really wanted to like the whole pack, and mostly found my hair falling out from frustration.

    But some of your facts above are not correct - like the shield pieces collection. Of the 8 pieces, 2 specific parts drop in each of the 4 flagging quests, each in an optional chest. And they have a CHANCE of dropping - no guarantees. It's MUCH worse than you describe.

    For the pre-raid - there are four different riddle paths to go down, and a guide is available online, not hard at all to find. But yeah, doing it 4 times is a pain. I suggest you do what I did to flag - get a character to 20 and finish it 4 times on casual to save yourself the pain. Then get some friends together and do it on elite for the favor.

    For the tome pages, there is a chance for any of them to drop in the last chest before you go outside to smash the green crystal. You can farm the same side over and over again to get these. But this still sucks.

    However, I DO enjoy the Abbot raid. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
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    This is so long I'm assuming it is not sarcasm.

    So many things ...

    The Temple of Vol and Fleshmaker's optional chests for shield pieces are almost trivially easy once you understand the quest.

    Most of the quests there do suffer from a learning curve and in my initial days, scared the bejeesus out of me. Once you know them though, again trivially easy. I ran Temple of Vol about 10 times fast on my TR spin-up of Macksheen. I got into a good group on a non-TR'd FVS t hat was multi-running Ghosts of Perdition and in running it the 10 times I leveled way past a bunch of content I was hoping to hit.

    I'm no expert on Inferno, but the other three are quite doable once you know them.
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    I'm not going to pretend that I read your entire post, but I did skim it. I would like to point out that while, yes, the Litany of the Dead quest is rather a pain to do four times in order to flag for Abbot you can do it on casual in order to flag at which point it is soloable, or at least very easy to do with just one or two friends helping you out.

    Doing Inferno of the Damned the first time without a guide can be rough, but it's a really interesting mechanic for a quest. Temple of Vol, as long as you have the proper weapons to fight vampires, isn't really that bad. The Inevitables inside the portal also aren't as tough as you make them seem. Ghosts of Perdition is a little rough without a Silver Flame necklace or some other item to absorb Doomsphere spells. Fleshmaker's Lab is really pretty easy.

    Abbot is, hands down, the most interesting raid in the game. It requires coordination and thought. Yes it is harder to pug, because it's harder to pike. Though people who don't know what to do can lie down in the middle of the meteor room and let others do the work. As long as you can type /sleep while sitting in the middle of a platform and jump on to an ice island for inferno (and off when it's over) you are good to go.

    The fact that Necro IV is challenging is what makes it good. There is plenty of easier content in the game. There is nothing wrong with easier content to help introduce people to the game, but having some more challenging content keeps things interesting.

    Edit: As far as Optionals being optional. Flagging for Reaver also requires you to multiple do non-optional optionals. You just can do them all at once on one run through rather than having to repeat the quest. It would be nice if on Litany you could just go back in and do all the optionals with one run through in order to flag. That is one change I would support.
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    Ow, my eyes from the ginormous WoT! :P

    The quests aren't really all that bad and are good XP. I agree Litany is a pain, but at least you don't have to re-run it every time you want to run Abbott! (I'm looking at you Von, Titan, and DQ!) The positive, and a very good reason to buy it, is for the Orchard so you can farm for the taps for the Minos helm. Yes, you can buy them (I'll sell ya my extras for 150k right now!), but I personally love the Orchard. It's my favorite place to run, so yes, I am a tad biased.
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    I think the difficulty is just fine, but the flaggin mechanic is a holdover to the old days. Other raids flagging mechanic was changed, why not this one? Those stupid sigils...

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    I'll be up front and truthful here...

    Necro IV is an Arcane or Divine caster's bloody dream... it is the one place where they rule the roost more than anyplace else outside of epics...

    One thing about the orchard is it's melee unfriendly in comparison to the other areas, Casters can go in and run any quest in the orchard in under 15 minutes by comparision melee are a group of pikers there... and yes I even complained at the time because it created an atmosphere where many LFM's were asking for all casters and clerics and NO melee.

    The Orchard and her quests are actually simple after you know them, straight forward and flagging litany is not difficult at all. Fact is Litany itself is still one of my favorite quests - and I mostly play melee characters... go figure.

    I took some new people thru Inferno the night before last. They were advertising as needing a guide even though a few had done it a few times before... I took them the route we all normally run and tried to explain the scope of why we went that way... west then clockwise... when we finished they told me was the easiest run they ever encountered - we ran it on elite btw with a single pocket cleric. I told them was a time when I knew sorcerers like Felice and others would speed that quest - I remember the best completion time where I was present once was around nine minutes.

    The Orchard is the OLD DDO we used to know ... it has interesting quests where we actually had a mix of tasks aside from the usual beat downs. It has good loot and some of the best and quickest XP for it's gaming levels.

    Comparing it to Vale is silly... There was a time when Vale was released - it was actually "caster" unfriendly. We were level 14 entering the vale... and existed Vale at level cap 16. Prior to Vale the orchard was the end game all these arcane ran around with damage spells mainly great walls of fire ... then Vale threw devils at them and the SR high enough that only the cream of casters landed things like FoD ... the other insta-death spell at the time was heightened PK and Wail of Banshee did not exist. Took a little time for some to tweak into banishments and such... and the Vale of today is not the Vale of yester-year. Today's Vale the quests were dumb'd down and mob are squishy by comparison.

    ... if anything your OP comparing it to Vale makes me want to scream "VALE is a JOKE!" they ruined it by dumbing it down so much.
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    I demand a tl;dr version

    that wall of text is immense

    necro IV:
    1) the quests are pretty decent (if you like undead)
    2) *caugh* Minos Legens
    3) litany = MASSIVE EXP
    4) abbott if you're want that loot (not the reason I like necro IV)

    If you're trying to solo your sigil piece, yup, it's gonna be a pain in the butt. Good thing this is an MMO, with like you know, other people

    FYI -- shield chest pieces drop from an optional chest in the Litany flagger quests..

    Sorry you didn't like it.. bummer, there is some phenomenally fast and easy XP out there too
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    I haven't heard otherwise, but does the Abbot still eat your greensteels?

    That alone makes it worthless and avoidable.

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    I, personally, like the orchard, it's my go-to when I'm in that level range....13-16.
    Vol and Fleshmaker are easy sigil and xp farms and inferno and ghosts are good xp while you get their respective sigils.
    The wilderness is easy, great xp, and the minos legens helm standard issue for any adventurer.
    Litany is likewise an awesome xp farm, with the tome pages *cough*Skivver*cough* found here as well.

    My belief would be that your experience was heavily affected by your lack of knowledge on how the area works, or lack of guidance, and your frustration turned to disfavor.

    There are a majority of undead and more than a few golems, so if you make your living on sneak attacks, you'll probably be disappointed with your performance, but there are more than a fair amount of cultists and other 'fleshy' enemies as well.

    Casters and blade barrier throwing divines really shine here.

    I'd choose necro 4 a thousand times over necro 3.

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    Sounds pretty cool.

    Tough quest requiring good tactics. Penalty for death (apparently mobs get harder). Puzzles. Discussion mattering (with that dragon). I hear good xp and decent loot.

    Too bad I probably will never get there, playing 'hardcore' permadeath as I do

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    This was one of the more difficult flagging areas in the DDO game as it is a hold over from the "reflag every time" for a given raid. Finding the pieces to flag can be a little rough, but if you go with a group this event becomes a lot easier.

    There is also key equipment (end game) gear that drops out of the explore area... Minos Helm is on every build cuse it's easy to achieve, the min lvl is low and Toughness is hard to find on any other item I can think of 2 non-epic items off the top of my head and the helm is on of them.

    Starting in the area can be intimidating as any other area of the game, but with the right gear a melee or ranged guy can be effective as well even though casters have the edge here.

    Life is better with buddies and the right gear, but I do agree the flagging mechanic is a little rough (kinda like GH use to be with 20 of each relic).

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    I have to say I've never understood why the necro quests got such a bad rap. I've always enjoyed them.

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    I love Necro IV.

    I agree that it is a challenge, but once you figure out a few tricks, it is actually much faster xp then Gianthold or Vale, imo.

    I farm out Vol, Fleshmaker, Inferno on most of my characters... unfortunately I often end up out-leveling the content before I'm done. Ghost of Perdition is a fantastic XP farm if you have a group that is properly prepared. Litany is even better, if you can manage to get flagged before you outlevel the content... generally the flagging quests give so much xp that I don't quite manage to do it (especially when mixed in with Gianthold and other quests of the same level).

    Some of the gear, I agree has been out-dated. Notably the shields. Tome pages still sell/trade for lots. And the abbot raid stuff is still top notch.

    IQ is ridiculously easy, and a poor comparison. Vale being easier is a legitimate complaint, since it is higher level, but I just don't think it is true. I think Vale quests are generally better understood by the general gaming population which why the runs are smoother.
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    Necro IV is one of my favorite adventure packs in DDO. Maybe the fact that I play a radiant servant has something to do with that, or maybe it's that I'm a bit of a horror buff and have always enjoyed undead in the tabletop games I run, but this pack is just fantastic.

    The mood and atmosphere are great, the rare encounters are more complicated than run to point A and kill red-named mob X, and each of the quests has a special mechanic to it that makes it unique. There's a backstory to the whole zone, and it's a lot of fun to play.

    Bring a group with you and trade sigil pieces in chests and it's fairly easy to get what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asketes View Post
    I demand a tl;dr version

    the tl;dr version of the op:

    The bad guys are hard to kill and they makes you grind a lot for the raid. Makes it easier my precious!

    to the op

    Im sorry you feel that way about the Orchard. I like it. Good loots, great xp. well worth the effort to run the quests even if you never run the raid.
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    Default Solid review

    I enjoyed your review and found it to a captivating look at what newer players see.

    As a vet, I saw all you saw and I have never grown to 'love' the area either. The flagging is bad - a major reason why you rarely see pug lfms for this raid. This is a guild run raid these days and even then, casual guilds will lean toward shroud. The loot is ok but easily lived without; thus, even powergamers can survive without. The threads about the raid itself are legendary and, in fact, resulted in changes to the raid. It is actually easier now, if you can believe it.

    Overall, there are better places to get good loot but the xp is really good - even in the explorers which you will do to get your Minos.

    I find the flagging quests to be engaging, challenging and interesting. Sometimes, you just have to give them an 11th chance. Ghosts of Perdition took me many a try to figure out, but now, I very much enjoy it. Inferno still scares me - but hey - we all fear going to hell, don't we?
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    I like the Orchard, and most of the flagging quests (inferno is no) but the flagging method is just... a pointless grind... I do, however, really enjoy the abbot raid, since it's not just "everyone pile on the mobs!" It's nice to have some variety, but I'd prefer it if I just had to run each of the flagging quests, and I suppose Litany once...

    As an aside, the plot of Litany makes no sense, at the end of the flagging quests all the bosses agree to join you, but you have to run Litany 4 times to make all of them want to join you... again?
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    I love Necro IV also.

    No time to go over details why -- other people covered it adequately already, -- but I have to agree with OP about the atmosphere in Orchard of the Macabre. Devs did a top-notch job there. Except OP finds it depressing; I find it beautiful in a Macabre sort of way.
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