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  • Quori the Devourer of Dreams (Dreaming Dark)

    367 32.42%
  • The Black Abbot Lich (Necropolis)

    765 67.58%
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    I can't go to Orchard and still hear "Abbot this", "Abbot that", "Abbot *#$!". Lady Vol mades Abbot a little cry baby in terms of Lich, Undead and Godhood - if you see Eberron, not only the DDO Game.

    In terms of Eberron yet, the Devourer of Dreams is the BIG BADASS villian of DOOM, losing only for the Lords of Dust, spawns of the Dragon Below herself (Khyber). The Devourer has his own country (Riedra), who has 70% of Sarlona's area. He has armies, mindseeded spies in any places of Eberron. If you opposed to the Dreaming Dark, you're a doomed as the Kalashtar, who needs to hide and never says about their race.

    The Devourer of Dreams maybe cannot reach the ones who not dreams, but MANY people dreams. A cleric of the Silver Flame, a minor (or major) non-undead lord of Karrnath, a general of the Droaam army... and a Priest of the Abbot.

    In another words, if you speak only about "these monster is cool because I'm fight with him in DDO and it's much tougher", fine. Your votes are under your own criterion, you're players of DDO and maybe never touched a D&D book. That's fine.

    But, to me, a monster is not only a monster. He needs a story and a fine background. The Abbot only wants turn all people undead and make himself a god. Cool. But the Devourer of Dreams controls minions and a good part of Eberron... for the sake of his people and their identity. I like him most, so I choose him.

    Not trying diminishing the Abbot or people who votes on Abbot. I'm just explain my ideas. Thank you so much.

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    Abbot wins !

    BTW, Great raid against Black Abbot. You should taste that experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zex95966 View Post
    meh... I can tell how this whole tournaments gonna go already... bad placement of monsters is partly to blame.

    In the top, Lailat is gonna be in the final, and then for bottom it depends who wins between Abbot and Velah, my guess is Velah will win the whole thing.

    Not the way I'd vote at all... but that's whats gonna happen. I want Malicia to win the whole thing, and Whisperdoom to be the final... for the record I hate Velah and Abbot. Lailat is ok but not as cool as Malicia.

    Devourer was so much cooler than Abbot...
    If the Devourer and The Guardian or Whisperdoom were in the finals, that would be pretty awesome. But yeah, raid boss vs raid boss to fight raid boss basically sums it up :/

    edit: and yeah, The Devourer is easily the coolest mob on the list, imho.
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