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    Did anyone ever get that "thing" I sent you?

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    Default New Thing WAI on Druids?

    Finally got new thing on my druid, but I think it is bugged....
    This new material "Thingamebob", is it an acceptable material for druids, seems to disappear at randoms times?
    I grab new thing and swing it around then *pop* new thing vanishes, then just a suddenly new thing returns, what gives?

    Edit: found out new thing is extremely sensitive to cold, best not to have new thing out when in winter season.

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    I was all over the "New Thing" when it was on Lammania. The "New thing" now is too mainstream it is the "Old Thing".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madja View Post

    I don't care much for the New Thing... It hurts!
    white people are weird...............

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