Ok I have been playing DDO since God was a baby, and before that I was playing PnP even before Gary Gygax was born. It's always been a source of fun and joy for me, and when I joined this game I thought at the time it was my home. But then they brought this new thing into the game. This new thing is going to completely break the game! In the past I used to do it in the old way, and that was fine. I did it like that, I was fine, and nothing ever went wrong. But then there was this new thing! WHY?

There are many reasons why this new thing will break the game.

1: The equipment we farmed will have different value now.
2: The work we did will be easier or harder for subsequent people to do.
3: It is different.
4: It is not the same as it was before.
5: The way it was before is how I want it to remain.
6: It is new.
7: I don't like it.

With all of these factors in mind - and these are just the ones that come to me now, I would like to put forward a petition. Please, please can we stop this new thing now? And in the meantime can I also tell you how qualified I am not to like this new thing. I did that old thing a lot. I was better than anyone in the world at that old thing. I am the master of that old thing. The only master. This is not the reason I dislike this new thing, though. I am the master of this new thing too. Oh no don't get me wrong, I am better at this new thing than any of you, ever, and have been since before I was born. But that old thing was better, and this new thing is bad and wrong.

Please Devs - take notice of my cries. This new thing is going to make this game into a different game from how it was before. This cannot be allowed to happen. Stop now. You will listen to me, Devs, because we are close personal friends. I have known you all for years. We used to do that old thing together every tuesday lunchtime. One time you said to me, "Slog I will always warn you before I change anything so you can veto it if you don't like it." Well, you didn't. You went behind my back.

Anyway, I am not complaining. I just want to make it perfectly clear that I am oober, this new thing is bad, and that old thing is the only way that anything should be done.