Since they updated the marketplace and changed a couple egg locations, I did a video to show some of the new ones and a decent route to knock it out quickly.

I know there's already tons of these silly videos on youtube, but they are all for the old version of the event, so I made an updated one.

Basic Route:
Head towards the Binders residence quest - there's 2 gold eggs up there. Then towards the center of the market, 1 gold around there. Then off towards the twelve corner, where theres tons of silvers, and 1 gold.. Then loop around near the Chronoscope quest giver and grab a few coppers and the final gold you need for the ultimate aura.

Anwayys, video shows the route better then I can type it, so check it out:

Presented in full 1080p HD quality as always - click here.

Tho it's slightly below my usual standards as the marketplace just runs really badly on my machine for some reason lately... Slightly lower fps (20ish vs the standard 29.97). But still smooth enough.

BTW: Yea the time won't be easy to emulate on non-favored soul/monk/barb/other very fast character.. But the route should still be doable even on a level1 mule within the 3 minute time limit, youd just want to have someone toss you a haste/jump to make it easy.