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    Default Tell the Store Team

    How it works:
    From time to time we'll be asking you questions, and here in our thread, you tell us: What comes to mind; what you think; how you feel; etc, as it relates to the question(s) at hand.

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    Why do we sometimes ask you to limit your answers?
    Because what we’re looking for are the top issues or absolute best answers you can give. Anyone can come up with a top ten list of things they’d like to see. Filling out a list is easy, but coming up with the most important issues or the things that really matter takes a bit more thought. Those are the responses we’re looking for.

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    What items/features currently in the game would you like to see added to the Store (aside from the ability for VIPs to buy quest packs)? Please list no more than 5!

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    Greensteel deconstruction.

    I am only leaving one suggestion for emphasis.

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    None. I cannot think of anything currently earnable in-game, using in-game resources, that should be made available for TP on the store. And none of the remaining, meager benefits only VIPs get should be made available either.
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    Edit: oops
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    What items/features currently in the game would you like to see added to the Store?


    However, I would like to see the inverse happen more often. More Store items as loot in game.

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    I thought and thought, and couldn't think of anything really currently in game that I'd want to see in the store. The only things I could think of that weren't represented in the store were crafting ingredients and collectibles, and I wouldn't actually want to see them there.

    If you were to ask about things in store that I'd like to see in game, or even just 5 things I'd like to see in the store it would be much easier to answer. Sorry. This isn't a helpful response I know.
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    I cant really think of anything I would like to see in the store, but would I would like to see fixed is the +1 loot bonus' etc actually doing their bit and increasing the chances of you getting better loot. Also making is so its not reliant on you actually opening the chest (yes there is always that nub that tries to screw u)

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    To be honest I can not think of one thing in game (other than named items) that we can not get some type of version in the store. I think the store should be for upgrades for Free players, cosmetics / fun stuff, and quick conveince items. For the most part you seemed to have done that. We don't want to be able to buy everything from the store, because then there would be no point in playing the game.
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    Otherwise difficult to obtain scrolls
    e.g. dimension door, summon monster VIII, freedom of movement...

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    1) Ingredients (medium/large)
    2) Epic items (Scrolls, etc - for upgrade of items that doesnt exist epic quests)
    3) Companions (like a hirelings)
    4) Level up potions (up to lvl 10)
    5) Class/Race changer.....

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    Airship beacon x100 or a wand of Airship beacon!

    The 10 TP isn't a bad price, but you could sell the larger quantity at a bundle price, maybe 500 TP. Would be really popular with guild runners.

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    1. Greensteel reconstruction/deconstruction.
    2. Server transfers being able to use Turbine Points.
    3. Shroud Shards (thanks for reminder)
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarterMasterM View Post
    What items/features currently in the game would you like to see added to the Store? Please list no more than 5!
    Here are some things I would like to see in the Store:

    1. This isn't "exactly" currently in the game but I would like to be able to change the color of my warforged without having to lesser reincarnate. Something like a "Warforged Dye" similar to a hair dye.

    2. I would like the ability to open quests on hard/elite for the entire account, not on a per quest basis. Alternatively, this could be by time.

    3. I would like the ability to purchase a guest pass for an adventure pack I do not own. Generally, I always buy the pack but I would definitely like to "try it before I buy it" without having to ask people to spend their TP on me.

    4. I would like a limited reincarnation -- i.e. "just skills" or "just stats" or "just feats" so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel if I want to do some limited respeccing.

    5. Again, not existing in game already but would love green steel deconstruction.

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    change first name / surname
    instead of just turbine tuesdays as 50%, maybe add turbine fridays as 50%

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    Shroud shards
    Faction or racial useful items (not +1 acid scimitar) which one we can upgrade in game.
    Invisibility pots.
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    Buy renames
    Buy server transfer
    Buy a last name change
    Preview how gear/clothing looks on the character before purchace like lotro does. None of this temp stuff currently used.
    Cleansing stones for cleansing greensteel in the store. I'm not saying make it cheep, but we'd still need to farm everything else.
    Race change.
    Sex change.

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    Shroud Shards
    Mindsunder Discs maybe
    ToD boot ingredients maybe

    Im a fairly new player, (just got my first toon to 20) Have played mmo's for a long time. I think adding any type of wearable endgame type gear to the store is just a bad idea.

    Even if you could by shroud shards (cause I can never ever ever seem to get a small one to even start my greensteel upgradings, I already have two supreme ones!) you would still need to grind ingredients thus making the gathering meaningful for us newer guys.

    Mindsunder discs are just annoying to grind out, and you would still need to complete mindsunder and hope for the item you want anyway. ToD

    Boot ingreds are the same, your still gonna want to run the quests to get the set items you want but at least if your major unlucky and or want to just head towards ToD while your still grinding out that belt, you could buy those items as needed.

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    1 - Allow VIPS to spend turbine points on quests and other items hidden from them because of the VIP purchase.
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    the search function and list functions might need some work, because it has been teh same system and a LOT of new items have hit the Store since it's inception.

    Better descriptions of items, whether they override the standard graphics when worn, and whether they can be worn by themselves has also kept me from buying in the past.

    I agree, there should never be anything in the store that cant be earned in-game, as nothing will cause me to lose interest more than a WIN button.

    I'll come up with more when I sober up.
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